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Physiotherapy (Physical Therapy) is a branch of rehabilitation medicine that focuses on physical rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries. All of our Victoria Physiotherapists are registered to practice physiotherapy with the College of Physical Therapists of British Columbia and are members of the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. 2) Treatment specifically designed for the individual's immediate needs and long-term goals.
All our Victoria Physiotherapists are trained to use their hands for joint and soft tissue mobilization and joint manipulations.
Specific exercises, dependent on assessment findings, are introduced into the treatment program to enhance healing and return to activity in a safe, effective manner. Kinesiologist and Medical Exercise Specialist Heidi Nottelman works in our Exercise Studio located at 200B-3200 Shelbourne Street in Victoria.
Kinesiologists provide services through the application of the science of human movement and deliver quality solutions through prevention, objective assessment, and evidence based intervention. The assessment and search for the cause and treatment of dizziness, vertigo, and balance problems are within the realm of physiotherapy. The process of compensation depends on various mechanisms, including substitution strategies, prediction strategies, and cognitive strategies. Substitution strategies use several techniques, including alternate sensory inputs to drive motor output, alternate secondary motor responses instead of primary motor responses, and incorporating strategies of prediction and anticipation of intended motor behavior. VRT also takes advantage of the adaptive characteristics of the CNS to reestablish homeostasis within the vestibular system.
Habituation exercises, first described by Cawthorne and Cooksey in the 1940s, consist of a series of eye, head, and body movements that provoke vestibular symptoms, which theoretically fatigue the vestibular response and force the CNS to compensate by habituation to the stimulus. An assessment by a trained Shelbourne Physiotherapist is undertaken and results communicated to the referring physician and patient.
Included in this group of treatments are those modalities used to assist the manual therapist in achieving patients' treatment goals. Ultrasound - a mechanical and thermal agent that uses high frequency sound waves for a variety of therapeutic effects to aid in healing and pain relief.
Interferential current - a modality incorporating two interfering currents that produce a resultant therapeutic frequency that affects tissues. An increase in localized blood flow, which can improve healing by reducing swelling (the additional blood flowing through the area takes edematous fluid away with it).
Muscle stimulation, which allows the muscle spasm to decrease and overcome some of the muscle inhibition, often caused by local injury and swelling. High-voltage galvanic stimulation - a higher voltage current with a low average amperage used for acute injuries where pain and swelling are a major factor. Our Victoria Physiotherapists are experienced in treating injuries resulting from sports and physical over-training.
Racquet sports, soccer, martial arts, weight-lifting, gymnastics, dance, running, skiing, ultimate frisbee, triathlons, pilates, snowboarding, golf, cycling, rugby, surfing, swimming, basketball, football, and rowing. We realize the importance of returning injured athletes back to their sport as quickly and safely as possible, without jeopardizing the healing process.
The unfortunate event of a motor vehicle accident (MVA) is a common reason to initiate treatment at Shelbourne Physiotherapy & Massage. If you have been in a car accident and require physiotherapy you may have benefits through the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC).
Once you are approved for funding by ICBC, they will pay for the majority of the cost of your therapy visit.
Registered Physiotherapist Mark Gottfried has a special interest in treating post operative knee injuries. In treating sports injuries, taping to protect injuries joints for return to sports is often essential. Registered Physiotherapist Lindsay Baker has received special training in athletic taping. There are different indications for heat and cold, dependent on desired effects and the stage of healing. Heat - Some of the effects include increased soft tissue extensibility, decreased pain perception, increased blood flow and decreased muscle spasm.
Cold - Some of the effects include decreased edema formation, decreased spasticity, decreased pain perception and decreased muscle spasm.
A variety of conditions not previously recognized as being treatable by qualified physiotherapists are considered in Women's Health rehabilitation. These are extremely common problems and most people can eliminate or significantly reduce their symptoms with some basic pelvic floor exercises, as well as diet and lifestyle modifications. Our experienced Physiotherapists will provide treatment that will help you get back to work and prevent re-injuring yourself.
Experienced Physical Therapists Chris Nelson and Kim Lobb provide Hydrotherapy in the pool at the Gordon Head Recreation Centre for WorksafeBC injured workers. Our Victoria Physiotherapists Jennifer Kolot, Kim Lobb, Jenna Peters and Nicole Gill have special training and are well suited to treat your TMJ problems.
The TMJ is located directly in front of your inner ear, below your temple, and is a part of the body we use many times during the day when we talk, yawn, eat, drink or chew (see diagram). The pain and tenderness of TMJ dysfunction can be caused by the disc in the joint moving out of place and causing pressure on sensitive structures around the joint.
At Shelbourne Physiotherapy , you will work directly with a certified Physiotherapist, trained through post graduate course work, in the assessment and treatment of TMJ dysfunctions. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint directly in front of the ear canal on either side of the head.
The upper neck is also a very intricate part of the jaw complex and often involved in ongoing symptoms.
Trauma, for example a blow to the jaw either directly to the joint or elsewhere on the jaw. Aquatic Physiotherapy, traditionally known as "hydrotherapy" uses the unique properties of water to improve and restore function after injury, surgery or illness or as part of a general fitness and conditioning program. Experienced Physiotherapists Chris Nelson, Jenna Peters and Kim Lobb provice pool therapy to clients at our Gordon Head Recreation Centre Clinic. Most, if not all, of the Internet’s so-called benzodiazepine withdrawal support forums have super-long lists of possible benzodiazepine withdrawal symptoms. The list below attempts to bring the various symptom lists together in one, giant, super-sized list.
The unfortunate cyberchondriacs found on these pro-Scientology support sites are a combination of drug addicts, the untreated mentally ill, or simply dangerous lunatics. My side effects been quiet dangerous now in 13 Mth comin 14 still suffering seen so many specialist 8. You can take Mucinex, Sudafed or Benadryl to clear up the excess mucous, but you have to be really cautious. Johnny, sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you have much deeper problems than benzo WD.
These symptoms listed are not posted to ridicule but to point out how an online cult can cause mass psychogenic illness in a group of vulnerable people. Benzos are no joke, but it is possible to get off them with a reasonable tapering schedule.
I totally agree about how the online benzo withdrawal groups can mislead someone who is tapering or has withdrawn from benzos into believing that EVERY little discomfort they have is related to the withdrawal. I have read of symptoms that are so obviously those of common medical problems totally unrelated to benzo WD. For the record Tom Jones and Filet’s of Fish make me sick too, but for reasons unrelated to benzo WD.
Finally, if one reads the Ashton Manual the list of potential symptoms is rather short and simple. Thank you Paul, I am interested in all of this and found that no matter what I wrote at BB I would just get annoyed replies stating that it’s all just withdrawal, as if the symptoms of withdrawal had no physiological basis, when it obviously does. If you notice on BB, the people who post who persist in finding a medical diagnosis for their symptoms are generally given diagnoses (which seem to last only as long as the withdrawal reaction lasts) of fibromyalgia, MPS, CFS, etc. M-59, I was just at the doctor, and we were discussing myofascial pain issues, and he said that sometimes it is an injury that brings it on, sometimes just a lot of stress, there are many factors.
It’s gotta be the result of what you and I both have discussed about the power of a mass of people all in vulnerable states susceptible to the power of suggestion and sponging up hypochondria from each other.
If it makes you feel any better, Ben, I was on 3 mgs of klonopin for almost 4 years and I tapered off in a couple of months and then completely quit… and it was nothing, NOTHING compared to opiate withdrawal. So you are saying you were pretty pathetic, because you were once hooked on downers yourself?
I was going to tell you, Azog, to simply go fuck yourself with a flaming pineapple backwards, but that would count as a threat to the pineapple.
You need all the support and information you could possibly get, and no better place than people who goes through similar.

Good thing that I did not speak out, because you see, stress of going through this will surely make your hair fall out and go gray for some people.
As a guy who had to counsel many, many people through BZ withdrawal during my brief tenure as a moderator at a site similar to BB, I cannot say that you are wrong. Permission granted to post, reprint, forward or use any or all contents of newsletter, Animals In Print. These include injuries to joints, bones, muscles, ligaments, and the systems required for healing and normal function. They are a motivated group of professionals that have achieved the highest Orthopaedic Designation obtaining their Diploma of Advanced Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy, or are actively working towards this goal. In fact, many of our Victoria patients turn to a Physiotherapist before they see a doctor for guidance with musculoskeletal problems.
These are important treatment techniques for increasing joint mobility, soft tissue extensibility, improving spinal fitness and restoring range of motion. Home exercise programs are an integral part of each individual's exercise rehabilitation program and preventative maintenance. Their practice is based on the core sciences of anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and psychomotor behaviour. The cervical-ocular reflex (COR) may be developed as an alternate source of visual stability during head movements. Adaptation refers to long-term change in the neuronal response with the goal of reducing symptoms and normalizing gaze and postural stability.
Habituation exercises are used for patients experiencing from motion or position-provoked symptoms. These include, but are not limited to, alterations in the transmission of pain and effects on the inflammatory process. It also helps to remove damaged tissue, bring nutrients necessary for healing to the injured area, increase the permeability of the cells, and improve venous and lymphatic. The four electrodes are placed in such a way that the two currents produced cross each other in the affected area. An ultrasonic gel is placed between the electrode and the patient’s skin, which allows the current to pass through to the body. Our Victoria Sports Physiotherapist Brad Curry is a Member of Sport Physiotherapy Canada and has extensive post graduate training in treating sports injuries.
Sport specific rehabilitation functions to transition the athlete from an injured state towards progressive return to activity.
Physiotherapy, often in combination with Massage, Kinesiology or Clinical Pilates, is an effective approach to your active rehabilitation in Victoria. Your accident benefits cover everyone injured in a crash who is riding in a vehicle that is licensed and insured in British Columbia. Patients who have undergone surgery for a musculo-skeletal condition or injury are regularly referred to us for assessment and treatment.
To book an appointment with Mark please call our main Physiotherapy clinic located at 100B-3200 Shelbourne Street, Victoria, B.C. You must visit a medical doctor and tell them that your injury is work related which will get the injury claim started.
They will coordinate with Nurse Advisors and Adjudicators to ensure a safe re-integration back into the workforce. Hydrotherapy treatments can be arranged in conjunction with your Physiotherapy or Chiropractic treatments with approval from your WCB Adjudicator. The TMJ, which opens 2,000 – 3,000 times per day, is the most frequently used joint in the body.
Some of the more common symptoms include clicking or popping with opening or closing of the mouth, headaches, facial pain, ear aches, and ringing in the ears. It can be painful as the result of injury, inflammatory disease, poor postures and habits or growth disorders. When used properly, the physical properties of water can promote joint range, muscle strength, endurance, balance and fitness as well as increasing exercise confidence in older or de-conditioned populations. Aquatic exercise can be well tolerated at any stage of your recovery and may help you get back to land based home exercises and gym programs sooner. Call our Rehabilitation Coordinator Larraine Hickson at 250-595-5858 for more details.
Some retain some common sense and thus realize that we can not blame doctors or drugs for every problem we have in life! I have just been through a month from hell which I was not even aware was from my Xanax WDs because it was so extreme. The wds are terrible, but I was also taking massive doses up to 10mg of xanax or kpins daily.
I believe it was Bayliss Johns who turned the whole WD experience into an epic novel of a tragic heroine who suffered greatly, for years in every way possible yet overcame her plight and survived. Why I find this interesting is that there really aren’t any doctors that specialize in muscles. That leaves muscles, soft tissues, which are the very things that no one ever tests in medical settings.
The point of this site is to make it as clear as possible the potential that benzo support sites have to harm people to a drastic degree more than they help.
Hi Azog, I am not mad at all and I have not use any mood altering drugs, including benzos for many years now, thanks. The specific joint mobility assessment techniques determine the appropriate course of manual therapy treatment. Practicing Kinesiologists Kira Graham, Evan Rogers, and Anna Marie DeZwager treat clients at our Gordon Head Recreation Centre Clinic.
When combined, this results in a progressive waning of symptoms of imbalance, disequilibrium, and motion-induced unsteadiness.
This results in increased VOR accuracy, refinement of oculomotor skills, improvement in postural control, and use of appropriate movement strategies.
For example, when treating a knee injury, the two currents can be applied so that they cross deep within the knee joint.
If discomfort is felt, it is usually because the current is turned too high and needs to be adjusted slightly. Communication with ICBC adjusters or other private insurers and Personal Injury Lawyers is undertaken as part of treatment. It also covers any cyclist or pedestrian hit and injured by a vehicle that is licensed and insured in B.C. If the accident was deemed not your fault you should be able to be reimbursed for the user fees by ICBC.
Postural taping is used to retrain "proper" posture and as a feedback mechanism when posture strays from within the normal limits. If your Family Doctor or a Walk-In Clinic Doctor has provided you with a referral and the injury claim has been approved by WorksafeBC, you are eligible for up to 22 treatments over an 8 week period. Our Victoria Physiotherapists Michelle Kao, Cathy Stedman, Mark Gottfried, Leslie Bradwell-Spohr, Nicole Gill, Chris Nelson, Kim Lobb, Brad Curry and Jenna Peters have contracts with WorksafeBC to treat your injuries and get you active again.
To find out more please call our Rehabilitation Coordinator Larraine Hickson at 250-595-5858. TMJ dysfunction can be caused by trauma such as a whiplash injury, excessive stress on the joint due to grinding of teeth or chewing gum, postural abnormalities especially a forward head posture, emotional stress, myofascial pain syndrome, arthritis, or dislocation of the disc within the joint.
The buoyancy provided by being immersed in water alleviates joint stress and promotes freedom of movement. The hydrotherapy sessions conducted by Shelbourne Physiotherapy at the Gordon Head Rec Centre are fully supervised and conducted by a Physiotherapist or Kinesiologist using specialized techniques to maximize the numerous benefits the water has to offer.
There are also a few symptoms that do not appear on the cult’s various lists, such as the infamous fear of butter, but the vast majority of the below symptoms are found on their sites. These sad people have been brainwashed into believing harmless prescription drugs are really an evil conspiracy involving Big Pharma, doctors, psychiatry and world governments.
It could be allergies, a cold or virus, from mold, from smoking cigarettes, or hell, even fatal Cystic Fibrosis. Other than the normal problems sleeping, increased irritability and anxiety, I had very severe GI problems tapering only from 1mg to .25mg over 6 weeks. I had no problems sleeping and no panic attacks but I did experience ongoing anxiety but just lived with it and totally gave up coffee.
This is a great example of a fantastic post when it comes to the discussion surrounding these types of things.
In other words, neuromuscular illnesses that anyone would have trouble getting diagnosis or treatment for because so few doctors specialize in these disorders.
When you ave been drug free for a few years, you will understand the harm caused by the BB cult is real and very dangerous. The point of this site is to take a stand against these sites… not to harm the people that have unfortunately become sucked into them or to insult anyone suffering while in BZ WD.

As compensation occurs for a vestibular deficit, the remaining CNS processes allow sufficient control of eye, head, and body movements to maintain stable gaze, posture, and position.
Adaptation serves to extinguish symptoms of dizziness provoked by motion or visual stimulation. A stronger current will usually have a more beneficial effect, but the intensity should not be turned up so high as to cause pain. Please consult your Insurance adjuster to clarify any questions that you may have regarding the user fee payments.Any treatment fees not covered by ICBC will be the responsibility of the patient.
Expectations regarding range of motion and function are communicated to the patient, and variations from the norm are addressed. There are no user fees involved since WorksafeBC will pay for the full cost of your treatment for approved claims. The temporomandibular joint is complex and is composed of muscles, tendons, bones and a disc sitting between the bones of the skull (temporal bone) and the jawbone (mandible). Water buoyancy can improve functional range of knees, shoulders and hips following joint replacement or musculoskeletal injury. My mom was a nurse and introduced me to oxycodone through stealing scripts from the dr she worked for, along with xanax and ativan which I had took recreationally but never daily. Over the next 2 years, I was diagnosed with acid reflux, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, checked for blood clots in my legs twice due to extreme swelling in my calves, and migraine headaches.
Sports medicine doctors and surgeons handle them in terms of strains, and neurologists do when it’s a defined neurological disease.
You are just throwing something very logic based and interesting out there without making any claims against those that disagree.
It takes having an EMG to assess nerve damage to muscles, but muscles will react normally to an EMG without nerve damage. Reading this site is the only thing that snaps me back to reality if I ever start worrying about it unnecessarily as a result of those types of sites. Specifically tailored exercises promote adaptation by altering the input-output relationships of the VOR, including gain, timing, and direction. Visualize the letter X, the greatest electrical impulses are at the intersection of the letter X. Our 3 Shelbourne Physiotherapy Clinics in Victoria are approved by ICBC to provide Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy, Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Services after a car accident. In water there is less post exercise soreness compared to land based programs meaning exercise can commence sooner after injury or surgery and be better tolerated by those with painful joints from chronic conditions such as osteoarthritis. If you have high blood pressure, avoid Sudafed and get the high-BP friendly kind (Coricidin HBP). For people on BB who are just having minor musculoskeletal problems it really just seems like a cluster of weird symptoms in different parts of the body, most likely.
That leaves biofeedback machines, from what I know, and you have to go to very specific neuromuscular doctors or PTs to even get that sort of test. Adaptation exercises have been shown to improve symptoms of patients who are post-surgery for resection of acoustic neuroma. The warmth of water can help muscle relaxation, making exercises more comfortable and stretches more effective when performed under water.
If you have untreated and severe thyroid or heart problems, it’s advised to avoid Benadryl. But it does lead to major panic since the body’s muscles just normally do not feel that way at ALL. And as you mention, there can also be underlying causes to it that definitely need medical attention! Jumped off the horse via a 5 week taper w anti seizure med to assist, and I can tell you for a good 8 weeks I felt half the symptoms above.
Under the guidance of a trained professional the viscosity and turbulence of water as well as the use of floats, paddles and other equipment can be used to promote strength and power to weak muscles.
By this time I was convinced that I had permanent damage from the benzo withdrawal and FEARED going to a doc because I had started to believe that I was actually DYING.
Also, smooth muscle is just as susceptible to tension as any other, so if it hits the bowels, it’s considered a bowel issue. Remember, valium, klonopin and ativan (more than other benzos) are prescribed in many pain patients to relax soft tissue, they are powerful drugs for many of those conditions. I was the one that suggested it could be from Xanax because that it what I originally thought until symptoms got so bad I was in the ER and had about 10k in tests done on me. I am not back at my original dose and can eat a lot more although I still have mild dyspepsia. Sometimes a .45 to the head sounds like a wonderful idea, but cant bring myself around to it. It takes ones self-esteem, abilities, brainpower, life itself, and reduces it to a worthless heap that can’t move from the bed or couch.
This site, though humorous, does appear to almost reduce the pain of bz wd… A pain that takes 9,000,000 forms depending on the person, their neurochemistry, etc. Lets see what he has to say now that 2 GI doctors have confirmed Xanax as the cause and hope no nerve damage was done. If there were doctors that specialized in musculoskeletal issues more, people in this state would get the same care as someone seeking medical help for any other organ.
My ovaries started shutting down after the partial which caused perimenopause symptoms…the very symptoms that my doc prescribed the xanax for to begin with!
Shame on those that minimize, ridicule, or poke at those who have suffered at the hands of a medicine they failed to research thoroughly, but simply took out of blind faith in their PCP. I returned to see my GP a couple of weeks later INSISTING that there was something definitely wrong with my shoulder. I went all the way through menopause into post menopause before I ever experienced night sweats. Nobody has seizures, delirium, brain damage, long term debilitation, and so on and so on, from opiate abuse. I was totally amazed that when I was started on estrogen replacement that EVERY symptom I was experiencing and contributing to benzo withdrawal as well as the other conditions that I had been diagnosed with and prescribed meds for by multiple docs during that 2 year period completely ceased. Yes, I believe they are real but unless someone has a true disorder in which they actually NEED the benzos to manage, I do not believe that withdrawal symptoms are as broad ranged or last 18-24 months or even the rest of a person’s life like the withdrawal groups claim. While support groups CAN be helpful, I believe that people need to look for underlying reasons if they feel that withdrawal symptoms have lasted longer than a couple of month and aren’t improving every day. There are SO many other conditions that mimic withdrawal in addition to female hormonal woes. I couldn’t sleep more than a couple of hours per night, I felt like I was bouncing off the walls and still felt the same after taking a dose of xanax.
Sorry this was so long but I wanted to share my story for those experiencing withdrawal or considering it. I went back to the GP numerous times insisting that it was the medication that was doing this to me. At one point, he told me that I would need this medication the rest of my life and pointed out to me that my anxiety disorder had gotten so out of control that I even feared the medication that would help me!
I also ran across the dangers associated with stopping cold turkey and how it should be stopped under the supervision of a doctor and slowly weaned off of.
He told me that he had done all he could do to help my anxiety disorder, was stopping the prescription for the xanax, and set me up an appointment with a psychologist who of course, was a counselor and couldn’t even prescribe meds! She told me that I could not just stop and that he HAD to give me refills for me to use to taper. I asked her if there was ANY way I could get off the stuff more quickly and she told me that I could always go to detox and that’s what I did. I spent 6 days there in which the first 4 was spent being dosed with a longer acting benzo in which they reduced the dose each time until it was stopped at the end of the 4th day. I had nipped this thing in the bud, proven my doctor was an idiot, was calmer than I had felt in years, and had NO symptoms whatsoever when I was released around 8:00 pm.
I called the detox center and they assured me that everything I was experiencing had NOTHING to do with my withdrawal because benzo withdrawal symptoms only lasted 3 days! I ended up in the ER, was labeled a drug addict although I refused any meds they offered, and set up to see a psychiatrist the next morning. I felt a bit offended by that but decided to keep the appointment and am SO happy that I did.
He explained to me that the half life of the long acting benzo I was given in detox had worn off and that I was very much experiencing withdrawal symptoms. He told me that I wouldn’t die but that I could expect to feel pretty rough for some time to come.

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