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I know I’m not supposed to stop every time by theses details but sometimes, we feel the need to talk it out with spirituality experts so we can go much further.
Without raising the energy within there is no Awakening, only Awareness of that that surrounds us. I’ve gathered a list of 16 signs that one might experience if they are being awakened. They have appeared suddenly or you’ve had them since birth and they are increasing tremendously. You are more drawn to things that you once felt were only for new-agers or hippies, like meditation or yoga or organic food.

I am happy that I took the initiative to search the blue light flashes I am constantly experiencing.
Some people have a mission that includes helping others or spreading awareness or love across the planet. Nudged into a career, nudged to change something major in your life like a relationship or job or geography.
If someone is having a bad day you can feel that negative energy coming off of them and it affects you. And the weirdest part, is that you use to think this stuff was a bunch of hooey and now you’re starting to believe it.

A great website that goes into further detail of spiritual awakenings is: What is a Spiritual Awakening? I would also recommend joining a local or internet group of people who are going through the same thing.
Then just after, I saw an image of a red rose (3 days before I started feeling energy between my eyebrows btw). I would suggest trying to meditate on that experience to try to find out who was trying to communicate with you.

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