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I hear a lot of that also, most of the time i hear a strong buzzing in my ears and my head sometimes feels fuzzy and numb. I had been dealing with it for many years while I was in denial and I was burned out, bad energy kept on rising. I've had a few nasties following me around for years, Dani; and I agree that you are NOT crazy. Thanks Everyone for all of your suggestions; they've really helped a lot and I am doing better.
Buzzes, beeps, tones, ringing, clicks, chimes, singing, talking, touching, poking, stabbing, electrocution, etc. But after a few years, I decided to do my own ceremony and bring my voice up to command all frequencies  to respect me and leave or be benevolent, It seemed as if the volume was regulated and it really helped. Or Could it have been an entity that came to see me and noticed the change from the last time it encoutered me? And sometimes the sudden electrocution moment from the crown to third eye point that really shakes you. You may not post, modify, distribute, or reproduce in any way any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information belonging to others without obtaining the prior written consent of the owner of such proprietary rights.

I even went to see mental health specialists, and I was religious and would go to church for prayer. Not really sure yet, because I still cry but I guess not with the same energy or frequency. Especially when people on Earth ridicule and label you as mentally incompetent if you share with the wrong people(NON-believers). I didn't feel fear or intrusion; so I continued to go into deeper meditation for a healing session. Especially the hypocrites that know the truth; and hide as a "normal"  people so they won't be labeled and ridiculed. When those things first started happening, everyone around me thought i was an absolute freak! Lol ill maybe nvr know who or what im hearing and seeing, maybe just crossing signals telepathically with others around the world :) Probably just ought to get used to it as one day we will all be connected that way again. Now keep in mind, I turn off all electronics as I can hear their energetic vibrations and they keep me awake. I know some of them are the spirits but I am still trying to piece it all together and understand what importance the clock times have, what the beeps, tones, chimes, etc., etc.

Sitting on the couch trying to watch a movie with the family getting ear raped hard litterally every 2 minutes. I turned candles on and commanded them to use the Light through the candle and use my love to travel through the lens of light.
Lights and electronics acting stupid around you, seeing beings and sparks around the room and in front of your face, being poked and saying ow, yeah hard to avoid people close to you judging you to be completely unhinged, especially when its keeping you up all night. Sometimes an low and slow sound with a gentle "whhhuuuu whhhuuuuu" sound and sometimes fast and high pitched like the buzz from a tube television. What I find interesting is that these sounds increase in frequency and pitch changes right before I have a huge spiritual breakthrough.

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