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I don't get out to gigs very often these days but a chance to see Swervedriver promoting their great new LP was too good to miss. Wow mega jell :)Nice to these guys getting some love, great player he just murders that jazzmaster ! Base theme by DesignModo & ported to Powered by Vanilla by Chris Ireland, modified by the "theFB" team. I made the long and arduous trek up the A140 to Norwich Arts Centre where I, along with 100 or so others (mainly blokes of a certain age!) witnessed a blistering set.

I last saw them in 1994 and whilst age has taken a bit of a toll (Adam Franklin's dreads have been replaced by a cap and a beard, the bass player has been entirely replaced by the bloke from Supergrass, the drummer had consumed all of the rider and was sporting a worryingly Bobby Charltonesque haircut) they still made a glorious racket. I was right at the front (and took great care not to be associated with the bloke in the middle who played air drums throughout) and my ears are still ringing. I've been to a gig at Norwich Arts Centre & it's a very nice venue, so should have been a great night. Here are some pics:Adam fails to shake off the shoegazer tag!I grabbed Adam's setlist at the end.

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