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PlayDiabetic patients that also suffer from high blood pressure may be at a higher risk of a heart attack if they are treating their high blood pressure with antihypertensive drugs. High blood pressure also known as “hypertension” is one of America’s leading health problems. Dianne TyndallMidland Healthy Living ExaminerDianne Tyndall is a freelance journalist, a native born Floridian living in Texas.
Undoubtedly suicide, probably some part due to believing he was responsible for the job losses of his former collogues.
Its not a "conspiracy theory" to see the impact that corruption and immorality at the top table can have on peoples lives. Fair comment TJ, on hearing the news of this guys death, would most peoples reaction not be raised eyebrows at least? So, if it was suicide, it was a prolonged one, which probably had one or two highly enjoyable moments. This week has been a week that no one will forget, What once was The Deadly Alliance is now, Psykotic Championship Wrestling..
The scene opens on a early Sunday morning, in an otherwise empty locker room except for a single person sitting on one of the wooden benches in the far corner. She glances up, returnin the smile while pulling off the last remaining tape from her wrist. Kaos steps into her locker room and shuts the door behind him then takes a seat in a folding chair nearby and teases her. He mimics her a bit then chuckles and smiles, leaning back in the chair and propping his feet out infront of him, crossin them at the ankles. Kaos crosses his arms and rolls his eyes a lil then slides down onto the floor and lays still, a lil bummed.
He smirks a bit cockily and kicks her leg again, reachin his hands back and resting them under his head.
Kaos reaches up with his other hand and pulls Becky down onto the floor, he then lays on his back across her stomach and whistles. Kaos' eyes widen a bit as he's surprised by Becky's actions, he then squirms and tries to get out of the lock.

Kaos twists his body more and smirks slightly, squeezin out of the scissors and quickly gettin Becky on her stomach before straddling her back and pulling her arms back, all the while pushing his knee into her back a lil. He tugs her arms back a bit more, his knee drivin into her spine a bit as he leans down and whispers near her ear. Becky smiles faintly then without another word spoken, quickly takes her leave out the door, leaving Kaos to question what the hell just happened as the scene comes to a close.
Hours later, Becky finds herself in a local park, pretty much disserted except for a few teens turning tricks on their skateboards.
The person then moves from behind the bench and takes a seat next to Becky, revealing the man to be an old friend of Becky's.
Joey turns his body to the side in her direction, resting one arm on the back of the bench while lowering his eyes as if scolded. Becky begins to get up but Joey holds her back down, staring into her eyes before pulling her close, kissin her on the lips hard all the while Becky resists, tryin to push him away.
The scene opens under the sun on yet another hot day where people can be seen walkin along a large platform, lookin about as others pass by. She rolls her eyes as she plucks a few petals off a flower she'd picked from an adjacent branch. With a coy smile, Becky shrugs, lookin up at the clear blue sky as she takes in a deep breath of crisp air. A gust of cold air blows over the bridge, as Becky takes one last look at the gators down in the water, As the scenes fade slowly. Many major health concerns arise when a person’s blood pressure rises, some of which are diabetes, eye problems, kidney damage, stroke and heart disease.
Long term from other medical disorders such as: obesity, smoking, inactivity, drinking alcohol, caffeine, birth control pill’s, pregnancy, eating large quantities of fat, sugar and salt. You can get your blood pressure checked at your doctor’s office, many pharmacies have blood pressure machines to check yourself for free, or you can purchase your own machine for private home use.
He told me how he used to start the day with "a rock star's breakfast" – a line of cocaine and a Jack Daniels – usually in the company of a journalist who now occupies a senior position at the Sun. Becky Bayless will be going up against Delilah Ghost and Desire in a Triple Threat no DQ's match, Who will walk out of Slamfest with their hand raised?

The petite woman reaches up, pulling her hair tie out as her raven hair falls around her shoulders. Refusing to look at him, Becky stares out at the open ground, watching the teens in the distance. Among them, Becky stands on a bridge looking down at the waters where a sign is perched on an island nearby readin 'Welcome to Gator Farms' She brushes a strand of hair from her face and stares down at the gators.
Many pre-packaged food’s are bombarded with sodium, so be sure to read label’s and choose wisely. If you suspect you have hypertension you should seek the medical help of your health care practitioner, and always check with him or her before starting any new diet or exercise regime. She is a retired licensed practical nurse and has worked in the medical profession for over 20 years, working in Hospitals, Nursing Homes and the private sector. She runs her hand through her hair then flips it back revealing the woman's identity to be the one and only newest addition to be PCW's own Becky Bayless. Becky glances at the caller id and just tosses it back in her bag nonchalantly as a very solemn look takes over her facial features. In most cases of hypertension the person does not experience any symptoms but in some cases a person suffering from high blood pressure will suffer with ringing in the ear’s, shortness of breath, visual problems, nosebleed’s, headache’s and dizziness. Eat fresh raw fruit’s such as apple’s, banana’s and orange’s and eat fresh vegetables such as cabbage, kelp, tomatoes, and celery, also add more fiber to your diet. Becky then sits forward, resting her elbows on her knees as she untapes her hands and wrists giving the distinct feeling she's just gotten back from a little workout elsewhere. This layout and graphics were made for me, by a good friend of mine I am not Becky Bayless nor do I know her ((even though she's a hop, skip, and jump away from me)) And i am not affiliated with any federations, WWE, wCw, ECW, ROH, etc. Some excellent food’s that have been known to bring blood pressure lower are garlic, onion’s, and parsley. A knock is heard on her door before it creeps open a bit and Kaos da Klown pops his head in and smiles a little.

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