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Tinnitus or ringing is the ears is one of the most annoying things a person can experience in their life. Tinnitus is elusive, it comes and goes, it is sometimes called ringing in the ears but in reality is can be any noise from ringing to whooshing to crashing.
The first thing to do is have your tinnitus checked out by your doctor to ensure there is no physical reason why you are experiencing the symptoms. The amazing thing is that you never know about this disc or lack of vision as your unconscious mind fills in the gap for you. Furthermore, because our vision is being created through a lens everything we see is sent into our minds upside down and back to front. There have been several experiments done where people wore glasses which turned everything upside down.

Most of us have been in a situation where we have been in a noisy environment but our minds seem to zoom in, filter out the noise and listen to a particular conversation that might contain some gossip or even our names. With the unconscious you can simply turn down the volume or actually just become aware of some other noise and just drown the tinnitus noise out.
My own grandmother developed tinnitus after a heart attack and rang the police several times one night as she was convinced a stream had begun to run beneath her house. There are a small number of things at any one time being controlled by the conscious aspect of your mind whilst at the same time there are up to 2 Million things being controlled by your unconscious mind including your hearing and vision. After several day of wearing them their minds turned everything the right way up for them and they could function normally. Then why not use it to turn the volume down or to be more selective as to what it decides to hear.

It helps you to gain control of areas of your mind which may be hard to reach using conscious thought.
The really strange thing is that when they took the glasses off everything once again appeared upside down.

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