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Sounds are difficult to separate so voices become jumbled when background noise is present.
Otosclerosis, a hereditary condition where the bone grows around the tiny stirrup bone in the middle ear. Sensorineural hearing loss is caused by damage or malfunction of the cochlea (sensory part) or the hearing nerve (neural part). Mixed hearing loss results when there is a problem in both the conductive pathway (in the outer or middle ear) and in the nerve  pathway (the inner ear). Posted in Child, For Women, Health Tagged sudden hearing loss in one ear no pain ringing, temporary hearing loss in one ear dizziness, temporary hearing loss in one ear due to loud noise, temporary hearing loss in one ear infection, temporary hearing loss in one ear with ringing.

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A hearing loss can result if there’s a problem at any point of the hearing pathway – in the outer, middle or inner ears or in the complex auditory pathway to the brain.
An example of a mixed hearing loss is a conductive loss due to a middle-ear infection combined with a  sensorineural loss due to damage associated with ageing.
It usually affects high-pitched sounds first so it may be  difficult for you to hear the high-pitched sound of a telephone ringing but you may be able to hear the low-pitched sound of a large truck rumbling down the street.

Usually a complete examination of ear, nose and throat will be necessary to identify  any infection or abnormality. It also means that certain letters, such as S, F and T, will be harder to hear than others. There are many strategies to help people with presbycusis such as hearing aids and assistive listening devices.

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