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Written by Elena WilkinsSleepless nights are not always bad, in fact they can be blessings in disguise. That specific night something that had puzzled me for some time came flooding into my mind, so I decided to research it. It was 10 years ago, when my hubby ended up in a hospital with a brain cyst and had to have 3 surgeries, that I became his primary caregiver. At the same time my father, who lived in a different state and was fighting Parkinson’s disease, suffered a stroke.
I consulted with doctors and NDs, but, as you can imagine nothing helped–and most did not even know what to tell me, so they ignored it.
As the thought dawned on my, before I even knew, my fingers were typing away, one stroke after another. I did supplement with B12, however, I did not start it when I first changed my diet, and was not always faithful in doing so.
My suspicions were quickly confirmed–indeed, high and prolonged stress can deplete B12 storage, not to mention other nutrients, vitamins and minerals, which I will address at a different time. I don’t think I was surprised  when 9 out of 10 remaining symptoms had checked off against B12 deficiencies list. I am sure you are curious to know about all of my symptoms, and one day I will tell you about all, but for now I will run down through B12 deficiency symptoms, listed in alphabetical order for easier reference. Now, having some of these symptoms does not necessarily mean that you are B12 deficient, but there is a possibility, so it is worth checking into it. Meanwhile I had called my physician and scheduled an appointment to get tested for B12 level through B12 serum test and Urinary MMA test [I will talk about various tests later as well]. It just happened that I had a bottle of B12 supplements at home [please don’t rush out to buy any yet, until I tell you about your best options], so the same night I popped in SEVERAL of them into my mouth, as I did for the following 3-4 days, before realizing that I should wait until after tests to help myself.
Deficiency of dietary vitamin B12 may result in demyelination, or loss of the myelin sheaths that coat nerve cells. So, what is most likely happening in my body is that some of my nerves are becoming demyelinated, and as that happens, the nerves, much like the wires that I previously mentioned, become exposed, and when they cross, they have the same effect as would happening in electric wires–there is a shortage, which in turn is causing the spmasming in my body. As much as I enjoy being a detective, there is nothing I will enjoy more than confirming my findings and getting immediate treatment–injections and all. As I am preparing myself for the upcoming lab testing, I will continue to post on the subject in the next few days, shedding more light found in my research and also for ways you, yourself, can avoid B12 deficiency, and also how to get tested and treated if you happen to be short on this important vitamin B12.
She planned on me taking b12 once a day for a week and then once a week for four weeks, then once a month. I made another appointment with her to try to get more injections as I still have the neurological symptoms that are fairly strong and have taken me out of school for the quarter. If you tested while you were on supplements, the test is showing your supplement, rather than your true values. Kyle, if you are supplementing and your B complex has B12 and folic acid, you will have to stop for a few weeks before testing, and also request other tests that I discuss on the book, so that you know what’s going on for sure.
I found out a few years ago that I was B12 deficient, I started on every week shots, then monthly shots. I am so sorry you received such a poor recommendation–you should NEVER get tested while supplementing!
So, get on the supplement ASAP, and see if your doc can increase the frequency of B12 injections for your sake. Now since a week I have tingling and burning in the arms and feet also my dizziness is subsided but still there.. Once you begin supplementing, your blood serum results WILL be off, even if you supplement only for a few days. I am a 28 year old female and I am currently taking Clonazepam for anxiety, Dexilant 60 mg for acid reflux, and recently added a raw whole food based multi-vitamin and Biotin because I noticed I was losing more hair than normal.
I decided to get my thyroid and hormones checked because of extreme fatigue, increased depression, hair loss, burning scalp, etc. I also want to stop taking my acid reflux medication since it seems to be doing more harm than good.
Meanwhile I can tell you that by changing your diet and getting on B12 supplementation, will most likely, take care of most of your symptoms very quickly.
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Por otro lado, siempre recomendamos que si quieren pasar al siguiente nivel y profesionalizar sus blogs, tienen que tener una herramienta profesional y propia. Hola , me has ayudado mucho, mi experiencia ahora es muy chica , soy profesional de la fotografA­a pero me encanta la moda . Being so far away and being unable to take off to see him, because hubby just ended up in the hospital at the same time, and his family lived in yet a different state, I felt overwhelmed. One did mention that it might be B5 deficiency, but the more I researched it the more I knew it could not be due to my nutrient rich diet… in addition to that, the supplements she prescribed to help me did nothing. It transmits signals to your brain to communicate information about internal and external stimuli, and receives messages from your brain to act on these stimuli. Myelin is a type of fat that coats the nerve branches that extend to your organs, bones, muscles and connective tissues.
Demyelination may impair psychomotor activity, which involves speed or cognitive activity and physical reaction.
I’ve been taking extra high doses of b12 (up to 10mg) because I want to ensure my body has enough to do the healing work it needs.
Based on the above test results she instructed me to take one dose per week until my levels fell back in range. You can also do a search on my site using the search box, or schedule a consultation and i will be happy to help. I would love to help, but I would have to look at your health history to see what we can do. When symptoms get better, still supplement with a daily dose of 1000 mcgs for the rest of your life–the surest way to stay well! I was diagnosed with anaemia due to b12 deficiency in july 2015 and ever since I have been taking b12 injections every 3 months.
It is common to see some healing set-backs while recovering, as your body must heal itself. If it persists, it might be something related to whatever is in the shot (make sure there are no additives in it). I had initial symptoms of shoulder and arms pain n numbness for which I got scared and got my ecg, brain n spine mri done.. Oftentimes it is a sign of low iron, which happens due to B12 deficiency, which prevents iron absorption. My tests came back in normal range, BUT I was smart enough to ask if normal range was low or high. You are right–meds deplete a lot of things in our bodies, which leads to a domino-effect in our body parts failing. Based on your detailed health history, there might be another thing or two that I might recommend. I have diabetes so I went to dibetologist and he asked to control the blood sugar however even after controlling Sugar level the Tinkling and Sweating have not reduced up to that extent. Comentar en dichos blogs es una oportunidad de llamar la atenciA?n de sus lectores y atraerlos a tu blog.
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At first I thought I could control them–after all it was not only inconvenient but also embarrassing.
The nervous system is made up of the spinal cord, which runs from your brain through your spine, and of nerves, which extend from the spinal cord to your muscles, bones, organs and connective tissues.
Vitamin B12 deficiency may cause neurological symptoms such as numbness and tingling sensations, particularly in your extremities.
She also took my blood again for b12 (right after she injected me, and after I had been supplementing for a week).

Ultimately I want to get injections for 100% absorption, but the doctor thinks my absorption is probably fine because I am otherwise very healthy.
Then, consider the fact that the acceptable range is too low–our values should be 600 or higher. It seems to not be helping I started getting spasms in my neck and head that is scaring the shit out of me. If B12 was not properly treated or done for long enough, or if there are other things missing in your diet, all can cause this problem.
I am worried that my nerves may have been damaged-I find it hard to walk sometimes and my fingers tingle a lot. After i take my vitamin b12 i feel palpitations around 110 per minutes for fer minutes…Moreover , my arm and jaw pain increases as soon as i go near heat or go to cook something.
As for blood pressure–you want to make sure that your diet is low fat, whole foods, plant based to keep it down. It is not uncommon to feel like you are sliding back into being symptomatic before you begin to improve for good. Make sure to eat a lot of good, whole plant foods, which are rich in iron, so your body can catch up on storing iron.
Recently, I started feeling burning sensations in my feet and strange senations on my hands, legs, and shoulders. Later on I referred another doctor- Told about my symptom that I’m having High Tinkling & Sweating in leg when I wear shoes as well as after eating food, Not found of eating anything, Not able to remember things which have been spoken to me now, Digestive system is not working properly, My head is heavy after sleep and he asked to check B12 level then we came to know trough laboratory that my B12 level was 96.
Of the B vitamins, vitamin B12, also known as cobalamin, is the one that is essential for neurological health. Myelin forms a protective sheath that helps protect nerves against damage from toxins in your body. A severe deficiency of this vitamin may result in permanent neurological damage, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. After the blood test the doctor told me to supplement 2000 mcg orally daily and check in a month later. The doctor said that the previous blood test I got revealed that I had normal sized red blood cells which was an indicator that I didn’t have pernicious anemia. I would probably agree but I worry about my symptoms and I just want to have the best chance of full recovery. I bought another one, a b complex nd the b12 is 2000mcg, it’s in a small packet and in powder form. You will need to be on supplements for at least 6 months before you max out all of your improvement (in all areas), so, stick with it.
My doctor ordered b12 test and the test results indicate my b12 is 211 which is the lower limit of allowable range . With both of these deficiencies, I have noticed that they both seem to have the same symptoms I am experiencing.
After that my doctor prescribed me few niobium injection – One injection per week for one month – then later on thigs improved and I started feeling well – he prescribed me some neobian tablet for a few month which I took but has not felt relieved. Try, as I might, no amount of self control, praying, or psyching myself out of it, I could not control the spams.
Although it is amazing how only 3-4 days of supplementing made me feel, I wish I had waited to be tested to be treated. He just keeps telling me that this part of having low B12 and I just have to get used to the weird sensations that my body is causing. Once you are better, continue with a daily B12 for the rest of your life–it is affordable and will help you be in good health.
He said unless I took super high doses for long time, serum mma test should reflect b12 deficiency. The other thing is that he won’t address my Thyroid, which could very likely be another problem I am experiencing?
After two month I went to a new doctor he understood all the symptom asked for Laboratory test – My B12 was 196 so prescribed me Methycobolamin-500 ounce per day.
Nothing much has changed in a week but it was good to stumble upon your post and going by it, seems that the road to recovery is long n requires patience. I eat the same grilled foods: salmon or chicken, fresh vegetables, no sugar and little to no salt. I also have an anxiety disorder that started 4 years ago and nearly killed me the first 3 years. My symptoms included tingle legs and feet, blurred vision reading things up close, heart palpitations, fatigued, lack of appetite, forgetting the simples of things, for example where I put my keys, and the one I’m most concerned about is lack of taste which started about 3-4 weeks ago. When I take this medicine I fell little bit relief in tinkling in my leg and hand however Sweating has not reduced much. Knowing that I had no control over my body kept pushing me to research this issue more and made me think that there is some sort of deficiency in me, otherwise I would fix anything that could be fixed.
I want to know upto when I will have to take this medicine for B12 and will I be able to recover my memory loss and will be able to get relief from tinkling and Sweating in future. I was feeling quite better after the third injection with tngling and needles sensation subsided to a great extent. I also spend a lot of time back and forth in my doctors office for weird pains in my skull. However, a day after my fourth shot I felt a strange heart sinking sensation with body warmth everytime I was falling asleep at night. That can either be from my b12 to the TMJ issues all of a sudden started the last few months.
The next day now I dont feel the sinking sensation, however a faint feeling of dizziness remains with a very slight pain in my calf muscles.

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