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Ever been in a meeting where you ‘zoned out’ for 30 seconds and realized that in those crucial moments you missed the point of the entire two-hour summit? If you’re meeting with someone in person, make eye contact and show that you’re listening with your body language.
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Bob Widlar was a brilliant and eccentric designer of linear integrated circuits who worked for Silicon Valley. Here's how it works: The tiny microphone should sit on your desk, aimed to pick up sounds from a visitor. Solberg riffing off of each other until drummer Shannon Corr enters and builds the crescendo to the upcoming sonic explosion. Get yours right here right now or over here should their music compel you to buy (Trust me, it will!). Or, even with friends, you find yourself thinking about how you’re going to respond while they’re talking and then lose the whole thread of the conversation? We lose time – figuring out the key takeaway from a conversation requires re-tracing it; money – when we’re inattentive, we’re bound to make mistakes.

But how to quiet ‘the voices in our heads’, the thoughts that creep in and take over so that before you know it, you’re planning your kid’s birthday party during weekly staff meeting? When I find myself distracted by my own brain, I focus for a second on what I’m thinking about, then quickly note it down so I can come back to it later, and then, try my best to boot it out of my mind. When a person came in to his office and spoke loudly, this circuit would detect the audio, convert the audio to a very high audio frequency, and play back this converted sound. The next morning, his secretary tried to do some typing, and every time she hit a key, the "hassler" would chirp.
Pease tried to replicate the circuit but couldn't find any record of it, so he built his own. The small audio signal goes through just a couple feet of twisted pair, to a preamplifier A1, and a bunch of stages of low-pass filter. An instrumental 3-piece like no other out there, Minot is upping the ante for non-vocal bands while making a strong case that the music can do the talking just fine. The title track is a slow builder clocking in at over seven minutes and features Corr’s hypnotic yet complex drum style that leads the song to its inevitable conclusion taking detours in a multitude of time signatures and never losing focus. Most damaging of all, lack of listening costs us relationships – personal and professional.
The louder you talked, the lower the pitch would come down into the audio spectrum, and the louder it would play.

Next comes a second amplifier A2 with adjustable gain per P1 (the output's dc level is still about 3 V dc).
Of course, if you noticed this "ringing" in your ears, and stopped for a while to listen, the "hassler" circuitwould shut up. A3's output is inverted by A4, and both the inverted and direct are fed to a voltage-controlled oscillator A5. When loud audio is present, the frequency can come down to 14 kHz or even to 12 kHz--but no lower. The output of A5 is just fed through a couple of dumb emitter followers to drive a speaker. In concept, you could design this to be low powered for battery operation by turning down the amplitude of the highfrequency output when there's no significant audio input. But, realistically, that's more trouble than it's worth, so you might as well use a 12-V (adjustable) linepowered supply rated at more than 100 mA. You won't use this very often, and you probably won't use it very long, so a simple rig with 12 V dc makes sense.

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