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3 configurations allow this trike to grow with kid - push by parent, guided by parent and powered by child. Big storage bucket with dumping feature, durable metal and plastic construction, convenient bottle holder attached on push handle.
Fun sounds (fire sirens, police, engine start, engine revving) and lights are featured on dashboard.
This trike earned Parents Guide to Children's Media Award, Parents Choice Classic Award and The National parenting Centers Seal of approval. Rubber tires and sturdy steel frame for durability and make it easy to ride for your child.
Featured with innovative internal gear steering system for steering with the push handle by adult. If you're interested in craft, be it needlework, cross-stitching or something else, then come along every other Monday at 2pm for an afternoon of crafting fun!

Every 1st Tuesday at 2pm.Mothers' Union is an international Christian charity that seeks to support families worldwide. Every Tuesday from 10am-12pm.The Mums and Toddlers group meet every Tuesday from 10am-12pm. Our dedicated group of cleaners do a marvellous job, but the church is a big place with lots to clean and do! The Pastoral Care Team reaches out to people of all ages within the parish who are unable to come to church for whatever reason. We have various house groups which meet regularly for study and grow in strength and support of each other. We currently have a rota for flower arrangers, but if you are interested in learning the art of flower arranging, or would like to help then please contact our churchwarden Joan Parkinson on 01626 862415. He was surprisingly well behaved yesterday,  but this morning he was ringing the bells loud and early to wake Joe up.

If you're a man who enjoys their breakfast, come along every Monday at 8.30am for a meal cooked by our very own churchwarden Roger. It takes several weeks to learn to handle a bell safely, then there is much to go on learning, even over a lifetime! The ringers are a friendly group, and there are opportunities to ring at other churches and to get involved in the wider ringing community. If you want further details, please contact Margaret Noel on 01626 863148, or one of the churchwardens.

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