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History: (Two-Gun Kid#65) - Chief Roaring Bear was an ally of Major Dave Dixon, a discharged soldier from Fort Henry, and was supplied with firearms by him. The Two-Gun Kid and his friend Boom-Boom Brown were among those who defended Fort Henry, and Boom-Boom faced Roaring Bear in combat when he broke into the fort, only to be easily clobbered. Major Dave Dixon was a doctor at Fort Henry, and stole medical supplies from the army then sold them in Tombstone. Dixon also supplied a formula which grew a stallion to an unusually large size, and Roaring Bear took it as well, granting him superhuman strength.
The Two-Gun Kid then faced Roaring Bear, and managed to outfight him by simply striking faster.

When he was found out, he was assigned Matt Hawk as his lawyer by Colonel Clark, and Hawk kept him from being imprisoned, instead being dishonorably discharged from the army. Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license.
He also rode a stallion which was unusually large, having taken the same formula, and wielded a rifle and lasso. Dixon was bitter at his being discharged, and started selling firearms to the Apaches led by Roaring Bear, then supplied Roaring Bear with a formula he had made which made Roaring Bear and a stallion large and superhumanly strong.
One threw dynamite at Fort Henry as they fled, but Dixon smothered the explosives with his body, sacrificing himself.

Dixon was pleased when Roaring Bear attacked Fort Henry, but when the Two-Gun Kid drove them off and a brave threw dynamite at the fort, Dixon smothered the explosives with his body, unwilling to see the fort destroyed.

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