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Great quality otherwise.It seems that all wool rugs do that , not just these ones which I did not know. Good quality(just some small defects on the back of the rugs).Front of rugs is flawless and fluffy. There is no rubber or anti-slip backing on the rugs so I had to add some after I received it so it does't move around and make my kids fall.Great rugs overall.

These .625" thick, hand-tufted floor accents feature hues of candlelight, peach, almond blossom, russet, and bronze green for a realistic floral look. Many people mentioned in their reviews that they look a bit smaller than the actual specified size but it's just because of the flower shape.It looks gorgeous on hardwood floors and I got lots of compliments already. If customers want another courier services, please contact our customer service for further enquiries.

Difficult to fine these 'flower shaped' rugs, I was delighted to discover that Touch of Class had them.

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