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These are updates issued by Honda and sent to dealers, outlining common problems and their solutions. Click on each issue month to download the full PDF, or click on the article titles to view that article online. They are organized here by the year they were issued, not by what year Legend the bulletin applies to.
They are posted here as zip files, inside each zip you will find a shortcut to jump directly to the Table Of Contents page.

Some of them are of little use to owners, as they are written for dealers and their service departments. Also, some articles refer to a specific year or range of years of Legends, this does not necessarily mean newer model cars are excluded, as newer models may not have existed yet at the time the article was written. If you find any missing pages or have a problem with any of these manuals, please send a PM to Quaraxkad on Note: Other free PDF viewers are available (such as Sumatra, FoxIT, PDF-XChange Viewer), but they do not all support the type of external links and bookmarks that these manuals require.

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