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Shepard hovered in that wonderful place of half asleep-half awake in a place where there’s no sun, no moon, no crickets and barking dogs like there was on Mindoir to tell her to sleep.
Grenade explosions and rumbling jet engines will seem as if they are in your very own room when you have this brand-new, portable gaming headset on your ears. Lightweight and designed for long-wearing comfort, the headset features a boom microphone that filters out most background noise. The GHS 1’s in-line microphone is intelligently designed so that the volume can be conveniently adjusted right on the cable, which reduces the need for players to interact with the game console or any other source throughout the game.
Lightweight, comfortable materials allow for hours of continuous use and reduce ear fatigue. Cardioid (directional) boom microphone brings in clear voice signals and filters out most background noises.
Passive noise reduction offers undistracted listening by effectively sealing out most ambient sounds.

The AKG GHS 1 portable headset will be available in autumn 2010 for €99 (about $127 USD) and will come in three color combinations: black, white and fancy camouflage. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, Robert is a blogger and musician with an eye on innovative gadgets and design geekiness.
To instantly view local delivery & collection options, go to any product page & tell us where you want the item. Instead, the Commander had her chief battery officer and exhaustion that caused her body to shut down for a few hours of what was supposed to be blissful unconsciousness.
The arm around her waist and the smell of faint gasoline and leather made her smile when she thought she couldn’t. Even though she couldn’t see his face, she knew he was smiling by the puff of warm air to the back of her neck. Though both of them would probably never admit it out loud, sometimes, it was all they wanted and something they fought that much harder for.

Passive noise reduction effectively seals out most ambient sounds, providing for an undisturbed overall listening and gaming experience.
Some people thought Turians were unreadable but she knew better, especially when it came to this Turian in particular.
They had moments like these where the fate of the galaxy took a brief back seat and Advisor Garrus Vakarian, former C-SEC officer and vigilante didn’t have to talk strategy with Commander Shepard, Alliance military and first human Spectre and be unbeatable, infallible, unconquerable, unflinching. The headset can also be used with applications such as Skype to make great high-quality Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calls.

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