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Working with the Noise Reduction ControlsWorking with the Noise Reduction ControlsYou use the Noise Reduction adjustment controls when you need to reduce digital noise in an image.
The first inkling that our marvelous suite on the Disney Wonder was not going to be all that was when we set sail.
At about 2:00 AM, we realized that not only was that noise not going to stop, it was just going to get louder. In the morning, after a night of virtually no sleep, we went immediately to the Guest Services desk and complained about the noise in our room. We had workmen in there putting in caulk and gluing in shims daily in a vain attempt to make the noises stop. The only explanation I can come up with is that ship had previously been on cruises from Disney World to the Bahamas and back. What we also did not realize about our stateroom was that it was located right under a heavily trafficked area on Deck 9.
The layout of our suite was wonderful and perfect, so if you have a chance to book one of these suites, do so. This could have happened with any cruise ship and glad to see that you finally figured it out.
We tend to be careful about selecting our stateroom (making sure we are not directly below something that will clearly be noisy), but you never really know.
Good tip, its too bad no one has created a site with all the undesirable rooms like they do with the planes. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! My old apartment had the weird auditory anomaly of the TV sounding louder when you were in the bathroom than when you were actually sitting in front of it. In my time living in apartments, I have had times where I could have made noise complaints about my neighbours.

In my perfect world issues between neighbours would be handled by the parties involved and no one else. For a safer, faster, more enjoyable user experience, please update your browser today or try a newer browser. Prior to that, we had milled around our stateroom, relishing the comfortable furnishings, the fabulous two bathrooms, the two flat-screen TVs, and the great view from our verandah. Apparently, all that wood veneer was rubbing together as the boat moved and it was complaining. We laid in our bed listening as our stateroom groaned, creaked, popped, screeched – all this loud enough to be heard clearly over the sound of our little travel fan and loud enough to keep us both awake even with the help of sleeping pills. Not used to having a concierge, we didn’t know we should have complained directly to him but Guest Services was very good about addressing our complaints and letting him know about them.
Our concierge and Guest Services all checked with us and did everything they could to make the noise stop.
If you look at 8534 on the Disney Wonder or, as we fondly call it the stateroom from hell, you will see that it is right under the walkway to the Arcade area.
I guess we were busy during the day onshore, we had all our stuff unpacked and we were settled in, and we just kept thinking it would get better, although it never did. I never looked into why that was; I believe the answer is obviously extra-terrestrial in nature. It’s one of the hazards of living right across the street from Dalhousie when exams end. When you reduce noise in an image, you often have to sharpen the image to prevent blurry edges or loss of detail. I have absolutely no complaints about the service on the Disney Wonder or the way our problem was handled. Not only were we in San Francisco, one of our favorite places, we would be berthed and surely our stateroom would be quiet.

I was on a Caribbean cruise with some friends a couple years back and my friend was directly outside of the discotheque door so it was constantly loud there.
I have also stewed in quiet frustration through the daytime or early evening due to sounds coming from my neighbours. My brother lives in Vancouver and his neighbour seems to just hate having a neighbour in general. It was a little disconcerting but we assumed it was just because we were getting away and, once we got to calm seas, the noise would stop. My old neighbour used to practice the violin (an instrument whose qualities are lost on me - other than the There Will be Blood soundtrack) on a regular basis and though I know very little about the violin, I do know that she didn’t get any better.
Drag the Radius slider to the right to decrease digital noise in the image, or drag the slider back to the left to reduce the effect of the noise reduction.Click the left or right arrow in the Radius value slider to adjust noise in the image by 5 percent increments, or drag in the value field.
From dawn until dawn again (not dusk because it went on all night), there were people running up and down in that area. The eerie sounds would fill my apartment, making me feel like I was living in a horror movie.
It seemed to make no difference what time of the day or night it was, there were always thudding feet up there. In my old building, I could hear a lot of noises from other apartments, but in my new building, aside from when someone is in the hallway, I don’t hear anything.

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