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Legion Safety carries a large variety of foam and rubber ear plugs from 3M, Moldex and Howard Leight. 3M Peltor NEXT Skull Screw Push-In Corded Ear Plugs P13013M Peltor corded ear plugs offer a twist to seal design guaranteed to stay in the ear. 3M Peltor NEXT Skull Screw Push-In Ear Plugs P13003M Peltor push-in ear plugs offer a twist to seal design guaranteed to stay in the ear. 3M Peltor Nitro Foam Ear Plugs P1000These Peltor foam ear plugs offer great protection with a solid seal.

3M Peltor No-Touch Corded Foam Ear Plugs P20013M Peltor corded foam ear plugs come with a stem for easy insertion, and featuring a soft purple foam fused with a LiveWire stem.
3M Peltor No-Touch Foam Ear Plugs P20003M Peltor ear plugs are NRR 29 dB featuring a tapered shape for easy insertion. 3M Peltor Tattoo Corded Foam Ear Plugs P11013M Peltor ear plugs with a vinyl chord and ultra-soft foam for easy insertion. 3M Peltor Tri-Flange Cloth Corded Reusable Ear Plugs P30013M Peltor corded reusable ear plugs offer triple flanges providing numerous seals against any noise.

Howard Leight DPAS-30W Airsoft Corded Reusable Ear PlugsThese Howard Leight Airsoft Reusable Corded Ear Plugs have a four-flange profile to create an ideal seal that sports a NRR of 27db. Howard Leight LPF-30 Corded Max Lite Ear PlugsThese Howard Leight single-use corded ear plugs have a NRR of 30db and have a t-shape for easy handling and fit.

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