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Once the bead cap is flattened, all you do is slip the earring post through the center hole in the bead cap. You’ll need 2 sizes of flattened bead caps, Jump Rings, E-6000, Pearl beads, Beading Needle. Open the jump ring, and slip the 2 sizes of flattened bead caps on to the jump ring.  Make sure that the front of the bead caps are facing the same way, so that when they lay flat, the front of the bead caps are right side up.

Close the jump ring to join the 2 flattened bead caps together.  Repeat for the second hanging earring jacket.
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108 Back Drops are designed to attach to an earring stud and worn dangling from behind the first, second or third ear lobe piercing.

They can be worn with body jewelry (barbells 18, 16, 14 gauge) and also standard post earrings.

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