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It has highly specialized structures that respond to fluid-borne vibrations in the cochlea with a shearing vector in the hairs of some cochlear hair cells. The organ was named after the Italian anatomist Marquis Alfonso Giacomo Gaspare Corti (1822-1876), who conducted microscopic research of the mammalian auditory system from 1849 to 1851 at the Koelliker laboratory in Wurzburg (Germany). The most common kind of hearing impairment, sensorineural hearing loss, includes as one major cause the reduction of function in the organ of Corti.
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He developed new coloring techniques in microscopic anatomy, which enabled him to distinguish and describe individual components inside the highly complex cochlea that had previously been unidentified. Heureusement, car Lisbonne offre aussi foule de gourmandises dont on aurait tort de se priver. On aime y prendre une cup of tea, tester le fameux fish & chips, rever dans un bed & breakfast, faire un tour en double duckers (les bus rouges), puis bruncher avec vue sur la Tamise ou depuis le London Eye. In 1851 he was the first to describe the core sensory organ in the mammalian cochlea, the organ of Corti.

On le sait, on peut desormais s'envoler le temps d'un week-end et parvenir a s'evader sans trop s'eloigner. The shear on the hairs opens ion channels, leading to neural, electrical signaling to the auditory cortex.

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