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Abnormalities of Thought Processes CircumstanialityIndirection and delay in reaching a point because of unnecessary detail.
Abnormalities of Thought Content ObsessionsRecurrent, uncontrollable thoughts, images, or impulses that a persons considers unacceptable or strange CompulsionsRepetitive acts that a person feels driven to perform to prevent or produce some unrealistic future state of affairs.
Testing for Aphasia Word Comprehension Comprehension of spoken language through recognition (“point to your nose”) or understanding (“Can dogs fly?”). Learning Objectives Select appropriate questions to elicit from the patient with a neurological complaint.

Differentiate between spasticity, rigidity, and flaccidity, and identify common causes of each.
DelusionsFalse, fixed, personal beliefs that are not shared by other members of the person’s culture.
PhobiasPersistent, irrational fears; accompanied by a compelling desire to avoid the stimulus.
Differentiate CNS disorders from PNS disorders, and identify location of the lesion & common causes.

Feelings of UnrealityA sense that things in the environment are strange, unreal, or remote.

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