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I'm not trying to compare this to my Icom R8500 receiver but I really thought it would work better than it does. The upconverter will simply shift the HF frequencies into the 100mhz range so the dongle can tune to it (e.g. However, when I use this setup for listening to even the amateur bands the antenna is tuned for the reception still totally sucks.

VHF and the lower UHF range is complete crap as far as reception goes - even with a good outside antenna, so I'm concerned this product may not receive too well, or does that have anything to do with HF reception when paired with the Ham-It-Up upconverter board? I'm thinking it's an issue with the device though because my ham transceivers show a near perfect match in those bands.Superphish: Hi, what type of antenna and frequency range is your outside antenna tuned for?
My RTL with the R820T tuner receives fine at the lower frequencies, but it of course depends on the antenna I use.

It's not an overload issue because there are lots of signals that range from poor to great, but unless the signal is really strong I can't receive it at all, and even then a strong signal is just barely there on the RTL dongle.

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