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Leader Lens Cleaning Solutions are anti-fog and anti-static and will cut through grease and oils leaving lenses clean and streak free. Leader Lens Cleaning Tissues are low lint, non-abrasive tissues leave lens clear and streak free. Returns & Refund Guarantee details Buyers can receive a refund and keep the item(s) once the item(s) are not as described or possess any quality issues by negotiating directly with the seller. Note: Due to possible delay of exchange rate update, price in various currencies is for reference only. Super lightweight wraparound design for men and women, combines a sleek appearance with rugged durability, features rubberized temple tips and integrated nosepiece. Same great features as the Sentinel but provides magnifying capabilities acting as a bifocal. The full wrap design of the Catalina provides superb optical performance and increased protection. When comfort and light-weight durability are essential, the Columbia has been developed to give utmost satisfaction to the user. Anti-Fog System - Combines high performance scratch-resistant anti-fog coating with vented foam for proper air flow. Non-Slip Comfort - Rubberized temples provide a secure comfortable fit, even in hot and humid conditions.
Wraparound, ultra-lightweight design for men and women features soft PVC nose pads, spatula style temples with rubberized tips, impact resistant polycarbonate lens provides 99.9% UV protection and a scratch resistant coating to prolong the life of the lens.
This stylish, ultra lightweight metal alloy frame features eight base spherical polycarbonate lenses that provide 99.9% UV protection.
Designed for optimum performance and comfort, the Hornet DX is further enhanced by its compatibility to accommodate prescription lens options. The spectacle lens protects the Rx insert lens reducing Rx costs and ensuring proper vision. Its low profile removable insert, intended to prevent foreign particles from entering the eyes, features a foam material with a skin providing a complete seal.
Designed for rugged reliability, the Sand Viper easily converts from glasses to goggles, and back, allowing you to quickly adapt to virtually any environment. Our Comfort-Air® respiratory line includes a complete range of air purifying half masks with a unique design that provides extended wear comfort and allows the mask to sit lower on the nose which greatly reduces interference with eye protection.
The world's first standardized and calibrated "full body protective filtration garment" to protect against heat build up and dangerous noxious particles. Calibrated for > 99%+ retention of 0.3 micron particles with an efficiency similar to an N95 respirator. The first material to offer a filtration rating similar to particulate style respirators 95+. Body Filter 95+ incorporates the highest quality in electrostatically charged filter media into a superior filtration system.

Utilizes state-of-the-art lamination technology to combine a soft non-woven fabric with micro porous film.
CHEMSPLASH™ has been tested for penetration resistance by exposure under pressure to the following list of hazardous chemicals (ASTM 1001) in accordance with ASTM Test Method 903.
CHEMSPLASH™ combines the economy of microporous technology with a revolutionary process of creating a surface augmented with a micro membrane over the pores. CHEMSPLASH™ is the first protective material to incorporate barrier resistance to penetration by dangerous chemicals for incidental and accidental chemical splash while providing continuous outward moisture vapor transmission to minimize the potential for heat stress.
CHEMSPLASH™ is created by a proprietary process (patent pending) where a new monolithic membrane is created on top of the pores of the microporous membrane which services as a base for the new Miro-Monolithic Hybrid Membrane. The fabric and garment is not for use with some chemicals and hazardous agents and it is the user's responsibility to determine the level of risk and the proper personal protection needed. PyroGuard™ FR garments are made with a tough, breathable, light weight, and cloth-like material with a base fabric of hydro entangled wood pulp and polyester topically treated with a phosphate-based flame retardant chemical. Polypropylene is a lightweight, breathable fabric that provides economical protection for various work environments.
BurnFree Burn Care Kits come in various sizes to meet the requirements of industry, food service, emergency services and personal use. BurnFree Blankets provide immediate physical protection as well as smoke and heat shielding protection from fire. The lens cleaning products feature ANTI-FOG AND ANTI-STATIC properties and DOES NOT CONTAIN SILICONE.
Good for use on plastic, polycarbonate and glass lenses including prescription glasses, and is safe and effective with all lens coatings including Anti-Reflective coating. Safety and effective for cleaning respirators, hard hat suspensions, and other personal protective equipment. Attractive, sturdy, and multi-functional, the light-weight nylon frame is shaped to match the contour of the head for a custom fit that is both secure and comfortable. The elongated rectangular wrap provides distortion-free comfort and clarity that is further enhanced with the panascopic tilt of the paddle temples.
Wrap-around sport styling, designed for men and women features eight base spherical lenses providing excellent side protection.
Featuring wide vision wrap-around styling, a contoured protective brow-guard, and molded-in comfort nose bridge. The frame features closed-cell memory foam technology that is sculpted around the interior for protection and comfort, while utilizing a perforated molding to provide a regulated air entry during rigorous activity. Constructed of a soft PVC body with a clear anti-fog polycarbonate lens & elastic head - band or optional rubber headband. Constructed of a soft PVC body with a clear polycarbonate lens & elastic headband, fits conveniently over most prescription eyewear. The Body Filter 95+ will provide "keep out" dry particulate protection while providing 125 times more breath-ability than the leading brand.

Exceptional abrasion resistance is provided by a unique aperture molded hard plastic polymer grid on the surface.
More than 120 times air flow permeability when compared to the Calendared Polyolefin Fabric.
This technology allows us to offer a fabric with superior liquid barrier, better particulate barrier, stronger tear resistance and lower lint then other fabrics.
The result Hybrid Breathable Membrane System is a transformed barrier which retains "breathability" but becomes highly penetration resistant (ASTM 903) to a broad group of dangerous, noxious and poisonous chemicals (ASTM101). This combination of flame retardant chemistry and wood pulp causes the fabric to char at temperatures below the fabric's ignition point. Polypropylene is appropriate for use in non-hazardous work places and is a low-cost solution for non-hazardous dry particulates, dirt and grime. Unlike most polyester gauze products, BurnFree utilizes a unique open-cell foam delivery system that allows gel to completely permeate the dressing. Unlike traditional products, BurnFree's gel does not have lidocaine which makes it suitable for use on small children and avoids potential allergic reactions. Impact resistant polycarbonate lens provides 99.9% UV protection and scratch resistant coating, optional anti-fog lenses are available. The polycarbonate lenses provide 99.9% UV protection and distortion free comfort and clarity. The polycarbonate lens provides 99.9% UV protection and a scratch resistant coating is applied to increase the performance of the lens.
Adjustable soft PVC nose pads and rubberized temple tips combine to enhance a wide range of facial characteristics.
Temple arm channels wrap around prescription temple arms providing a greater seal and comfort. The breath-ability greatly reduces heat build inside the suit providing extended comfort for prolonged use. This action deprives flames with a fuel source and provides a rigid structure for the component polymers to adhere to.
It gets more gel to the wound and allows for better heat absorption and cooling of the burn.*All BurnFree Dressings are sterile.
BurnFree Blankets can be used as a body wrap to extinguish fires and to cool and moisten burns. It is the responsibility of the user to select garments which are appropriate for each intended use which meet all health, safety and regulation requirements.

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