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It had been a few days since Nakayla started on the antibiotic course, but the infection in her ear don’t seem to be clearing at all. We went down to the hospital about an hour earlier than the appointment time, thinking that we’ll be able to see the doctor at the appointed time, or earlier.
When we were finally called, Nakayla got checked, and I was asked by the ENT specialist if I wanted to admit Nakayla into the hospital that very night for surgery. After that was decided, we made another appointment for a second follow-up, but not before the girl gets her milk before leaving. People around the coffee shop were staring, and I got a shock when I saw the full extent of it.
After seeing the ENT specialist (a different doctor from our first follow-up), I was told to let Nakayla finish up her current course of antibiotics before coming back for a third follow-up as her ear does seem to be better, which means the antibiotics are finally working.
The third follow-up was to ensure that her ear infection is indeed getting better, and to set a date for surgery to remove the ear pit track. The ENT specialist was the same doctor as the first follow-up, and he was very happy to see that Nakayla’s swelling ear pit looks much better.
He informed me that it was a day surgery, a simple 30 minutes procedure, and that the wound from the surgery should all be healed in about 5 days. It is highly recommended that we wait till Nakayla is above a year old before going for this procedure, but I was reminded not to delay it as there is a chance of re-infection.
For my husband and me, we decided that just that little bit of GA to remove the ear pit track beats consuming the amount of antibiotics she took during the infection, which is bound to happen according to our ENT specialist.
We also kept Nakayla’s ear pit clean and dry, since the first sign of pus from her ear at about a month old.
Blake has the ear pit too, but we will be leaving his alone as there has been no infection. So far for Nakayla, there has been no recurring infection, even though it looked like it might at one point. Sorry for the many questions and long comment but I am just very worried because I do not want the infection to spread.
She took a total of 14 days worth of augmentin, with the swelling subsiding and disappearing towards the end.
One of the doctors suggested to undergo surgery to seal up the hole, but before doing so, we had to put her under GA to remove all the pus.
Ultimately though the antibiotics help the bacteria from spreading and so I think an infection spreading is only going to happen if no antibiotics is taken and the body is unable to contain it. But hopefully all of this info in the future won’t be necessary as both our little girls will never get infected again!
Augmentation of alveolar bone loss should constitute regeneration of the tissue being replaced and not simply spatial repair.1 Osseous and soft tissue surgery should therefore reconstruct both form and function of the desired replacement tissue.

Reconstructive bone graft repair of osseous defects does not always form well-vascularized bone, even when the defect is filled.2 True regeneration implies that the defect is filled with viable mineralized tissue that models and remodels as bone and is not an admixture of devitalized inclusions or scar tissue. Short of invasive procedures to verify graft performance, hard tissue augmentation can be empirically classified based on vascularization of the grafting approach used, in order to suggest the likely vitality of the graft. Alveolar segmental osteotomies, used to move and stabilize a bone fragment into a new position, provide endosseous space for interpositional bone grafting. Fig 2-2c Immediate osseous reconstruction is achieved with a microvascular free tissue transfer (MFTT) of a fibula flap secured to the plate.
Fig 2-2e Immediate postoperative lateral cephalogram demonstrating adequate relationship with maxilla for dental rehabilitation. Fig 2-2g Postoperative panoramic radiograph demonstrating osseous healing at the osteotomy and fixation sites at 1-year follow-up.
Fig 2-2j Postoperative panoramic radiograph shows absence of plate and placement of implants. Figs 2-2k to 2-2o Definitive frontal (k) and three-quarter (l) facial views 2 years after initial resection and MFTT reconstruction. Fig 2-3 Histologic view of a core specimen taken from the region of a mandibular right second premolar 3 weeks after the completion of a 3-month healing period for a distraction procedure. Figs 2-4a and 2-4b Histologic specimens of a dental implant removed after almost 19 years of loading in a 63-year-old woman. Fig 2-5 Histologic view of peri-implant osseointegration 5 years after treatment and 3 years after implant placement. Allografts and alloplasts, usually placed in a particulate form under a barrier membrane and often in combination with an autograft, have not been shown to consistently gain vertical bone mass or be dependable in the long term as primary load-bearing bone.24,25 The use of BMP-2 with an allograft or alloplast and placed into a subperiosteal setting using a tenting method holds promise in what otherwise is an undependable bone grafting scheme for achieving significant vertical volumetric stability. Resorption replacement of bone-forming material is essential for osteogenesis as well as for the integrity of osseointegration.
Bone-forming materials are resorbed by creeping substitution and replaced during remodeling. The surgical procedures that fall within each classification category are listed in Box 2-1.
The ideal graft is a vascularized hard and soft tissue structure that is transferred to a deficit site with vascular re-anastomosis. Fig 2-6a Preoperative intraoral view demonstrating oro-antral communication and solitary implant.
Fig 2-6b Preparation of the maxillary defect to produce adequate exposure of the bony buttresses.
Fig 2-6c Following a single osteotomy of the fibula, rigid fixation is established via 2.0-mm plates and screws for the MFTT. Fig 2-6d Primary closure of skin paddle achieved with 3-0 resorbable suture prior to initiation of vascular anastamosis to neck vessels. Fig 2-6e Intraoral appearance just prior to implant placement and flap thinning, approximately 5 months after placement of the fibula flap. Silver Sinus and Silver Cold & Flu Relief are dietary supplements and are not intended to diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease. Your operators were patient enough to guide me through the entire ordering process and I am very grateful for that. In the end, we waited more than 30 minutes after our appointment time before we were called.
Reason being, her ear infection don’t seem to be getting better, and we may as well admit her to undergo surgery to remove the swollen part. After an awkward silence, the ENT specialist offered another suggestion – maybe Nakayla could just continue with another week of antibiotics course.
I was having breakfast with my parents, and Nakayla was strapped onto me, when I felt something damp and warm near my thighs. I had removed her from the carrier to clean her up in my dad’s car (thinking it was just a tiny leak).
As her ear pit has been infected once, the likelihood of it being infected again is really high.
So early that the nurse told me that I was too early for my appointment and that I will have to wait a long time for my turn. It’s still a little hard and red, but it has greatly reduced from the first time he saw it.
Nakayla will go for her pre-surgery check-up on Christmas eve, and her surgery will take place in the second week of 2014.
As for undergoing GA to remove the ear pit tracks, I guess it’s individual preference.
We clean it many times a day but it still swelled and got that badly infected after about 9-10 months on.
He just told us to schedule an appointment with an ENT, which will be next week (day 12 after start of infection). We decided not to go ahead with surgery after speaking to a number of doctors at KKH (from A&E to ENT). Bone generation methods for defect reconstruction can be differentiated according to bone graft vitality, the extent of consolidation, and marginal integration. This is analogous to a distraction procedure in which segments are immediately spread apart a prescribed distance and then bone is grafted in the gap.10,11 The moved segment remains attached to the periosteal blood supply as an osteoperiosteal flap and is therefore a well-vascularized graft, although the interpositional gap must be filled with nonvascularized material. The original procedure involved a maxillary sinus floor elevation and grafting with Bio-Oss (Geistlich) and immediate application of the dental implant.

A defect was filled with Algisorb following removal of an odontogenic keratocyst, and an implant was placed.
28 When osteoconductive graft material does not resorb, it essentially remains a foreign body; when the graft is in direct contact with an implant surface, osseointegration may be compromised because it is less resistant to infection29 (Fig 2-4). Bone-replacement materials, in contrast, essentially take the place, and in a sense displace, bone mineral and are not resorbed.
Even in complex oral and maxillofacial surgical defects (Fig 2-6a), osseous union and a stable reconstruction can be obtained following a well mortised fixed graft reconstruction (Figs 2-6b to 2-6e). We suggest that you consult a licensed physician if you believe you have a serious health issue.
But she will be placed under general anaesthesia as they have to cut open the swollen infected part to let the area air dry on its own, and I have to return with her every single day, for at least 2-3 weeks, to get the wound cleaned. I didn’t know what to do, so I called Sean on the spot and had the ENT specialist talk to him. If you need some description to give you a visual guide, here it is: It soiled half of her t-shirt, the sides of her shorts, my clothes, and the entire front of the baby carrier. This was the one surgery that Sean and I were prepared to have Nakayla undergo, as I had read up about this particular infection prior to the first follow-up.
He said we could proceed to schedule a date for surgery, but we have to return 2 weeks before for a pre-surgery check-up. I consulted the ENT upon recommendation from the GP, who also advised to put her under GA to drain out the pus, at that time.
They reassured us that it’s not life threatening, nor will it affect her speech or hearing.
My mind is at a little more ease knowing that your daughter’s ear healed completely without any draining. These aspects can only be verified by late-term biopsy findings to determine the extent of vital mineralization.3 However, routine biopsy analysis is impractical.
This applies to highly compromised sites such as that shown in Fig 2-2 of a patient who presented with a large mandibular fibrous dysplasia lesion. Much less overall resorption occurs with this technique than is found with open flap onlay grafting procedures.
The implant was removed because it was located very close to a recurrence of the tumor (toludine blue; original magnification ?2). Therefore, augmentation materials must be distinguished with respect to their ability to undergo replacement resorption by differentiating materials into two categories: bone-forming materials and bone-replacement materials.
Sources for vascularized bone flaps include the iliac crest, scapula, radius, and fibula, with the fibula being the site the most frequently employed (Figs 2-6f to 2-6i). Not only does this product work, the company and their service excel in a world of too many who don't.
We also recommend that you do comprehensive research about colloidal silver before accepting our opinions or the opinions of anyone else about how to care for your health. Ever since she started on her antibiotic course, Nakayla’s poo has been little, but lethal. And while I do have spare clothes for her to change into, I do not have enough wet wipes to clean up that kind of mess!
The swelling got bigger but the warm compress naturally popped the swelling that some pus came out. She was prescribed with augmentin as well, but we weren’t told to give warm compress.
Our PD scared us by saying that the infection may spread if it doesn’t get drained but I figured that the body would naturally drain it. Small amounts of pus the body can naturally absorb but a large amount, it is difficult for the body to absorb, hence a drainage is needed.
This lesion was treated with a vascularized fibula graft immediately following resection, and implant reconstruction followed healing of the graft.
The interpositional graft site is generally grafted with particulate materials, block inlay autograft, or bone morphogenetic protein 2 (BMP-2), all of which work well in this setting (see chapter 9).
Maxillary reconstruction of a large oral antral communication is completed with implant placement followed by prosthetic management (Figs 2-6j and 2-6k). The thought of her under the GA was far more worrisome than the thought of the procedure itself. The last thing I would want to do is an unnecessary incision and drainage which would leave a scar. Warm compresses over the abcess help the pus come towards the skin and break naturally through the skin on its own. Treatment of this type of defect cannot be done without the optimal bone healing provided by a vascularized bone graft. So my husband and I decided to monitor her ear for a year before deciding if we should have her undergo the surgery. However, if the pus doesn’t drain naturally through the breaking of the skin or by a doctor making a small cut, there is the potential for the pus to go the other way towards the bone or other parts of the body. If the infection happens too many times and she has to take a lot of augmentin, we’d rather just have her undergo surgery to seal the hole up.

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