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Decreased sense of smell (hyposmia) or complete loss of smell (anosmia) may occur with sinusitis.
A mucocele is a complication of sinusitis caused by obstruction of drainage of mucous from the sinuses.
Infection may spread through the skull to involve the brain and spinal fluid, which can result in meningitis or a brain abcess.
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Your doctor may prescribe a broad-spectrum (to cover a lot of different bacteria) or culture-driven (using a culture swab to test exactly which bacteria is causing the infection) antibiotic and frequent saline irrigation.

It can become infected (called a mucopyocele) and if not treated, may extend into surrounding structures.
These structures include the eye, nearby blood vessels, the brain, the bone, and overlying skin. Saline irrigations and oral decongestants may help improve your symptoms while the infection is resolving.
An infection that extends to the eye can cause vision changes, infection of the eye tissue (orbital cellulitis), a collection of pus in the eye socket (subperiosteal or orbital abcess) or extend more posteriorly (further behind) and cause an infection and clotting of blood vessels (cavernous sinus thrombosis). Oral decongestants and mucolytics (medications that break up mucous) may help with symptoms but will not cure the infection.

Nasal corticosteroid sprays may help control underlying chronic inflammation but will not treat the immediate infection.
Chronic inflammation of the olfactory nerve (the nerve of smell) can cause damage to the nerve ending. Some patients notice temporary improvement with oral corticosteroids; however, others may not experience any improvement.

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