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Dr Oz did a segment called America’s Funniest Home Remedies by checking out the most hysterical Home Remedies from across the country.  From Hiccup Home Remedies to Bug Bite Home Remedies to a cough syrup made by filling an onion with honey, Doctor Oz found some bizarrely funny home remedies!  But which ones work? Human Verification: In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic.
Lemon balm is a herb that contains properties to fight against fungus, bacteria and germs, responsible for sinusitis. Mango promotes the development of epithelium which helps in the prevention of sinus infection. Sinus infection is a common infection that affects the sinus membranes that are located around the eyes, nose and cheeks. Garlic The infection in the mucus membrane has to be cleared for the sinus to be completely relieved off the discomfort. Taking 2-3 cloves of garlic every day will remove the sinus inflammation and infection in a couple of days and put you back on track in no time. Onion This pungent bulb can immediately put you on a weeping spree and all the mucus that is trapped inside the sinus will be removed in no time. Red Clover Red clover is known for its anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can treat sinus infections and inflammation.
Chamomile Highly anti-inflammatory and soothing and relaxing to the core, chamomile not only helps in treating the sinus infection, but also relieves you of the discomfort by making you relaxed and free from stress. Take a chamomile tea bag and add this to a cup of boiling water. Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil is antiviral in nature and helps in treating bacterial and viral infections and inflammations as well. Pau d’Arco A herb from South America, Pau d’ Arco has many antibiotic properties that can help treat sinus infection. Cayenne Pepper The capsaicin that is present in cayenne pepper is what gives it the ‘heat’ quotient. Apple Cider Vinegar Being an anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial agent, this powerful remedy can be used for melting the mucus inside the sinus and also for removing the bacterial action. Take unfiltered apple cider for this purpose. Grapefruit Seed Grapefruits seeds extract has many medicinal and antioxidant properties and helps in destroying parasites, bacteria, fungi, viruses etc. Oz's Home Remedies Tagged With: America's Funniest Home Remedies, Anti-Aging Home Remedy, Bug Bite Home Remedies, doctor oz, Dr Oz America's Funniest Home Remedies, Dr Oz Garlic Sinus Infection, Dr Oz Garlic Sinus Infection Home Remedy, Dr Oz Garlic Sinus Infection Remedy, Dr Oz Gas Blast, Dr Oz Mayonnaise Anti-Aging Skin Remedy, Dr Oz Sinus Infection, dr oz sinus infection cure, dr. When sinuses get infected by bacteria or virus, it causes rigorous discomfort accompanied by headaches and a feel of heaviness in head. Sinus infections are common in many individuals and can be well treated with simple and natural home remedies at an inexpensive way.

Sinus infection is bacterial by nature and properties present in garlic helps in treating the sinus infection very effectively.
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Trapped mucous is a breeding ground for bacteria and virus and what better remedy for destroying the bacteria than garlic! Garlic tea too can be prepared by adding crushed garlic cloves to a cup of boiling water and simmering it for ten minutes before drinking. Inhaling the aroma after cutting the onion. This can help in opening the nasal passages as the phlegm stars melting. The mucus that is trapped inside the sinus is full of bacteria that have caused the infection. For sinus infection, take sixteen ounces of boiling water and add two drops of tea tree essential oil to this. Inhale the fumes of tea tree oil so that it acts on the blocked sinuses and melts the phlegm. The herb can be used for inhalation. Add two drops of the extract into a pot of boiling water and inhale the fumes for several minutes.
Take a handful of fresh sage leaves and add to two cups of boiling water. Inhale the fumes by covering your head and the opening of the pot with a thick towel.
Cayenne pepper helps in heating the body up and this will help in melting the mucus that is trapped in the sinus.
For the treatment of sinus infections, grapefruit seeds can be used as a nasal spray. It can be purchased readymade or prepared at home by adding a teaspoon of the extract to boiling water.
If done properly, salt water extracts the infection from nasal cavities.  Regular practice of this remedy helps in the prevention of further infection. This pose helps to increase blood flow towards the face and the throat region which aids in eliminating several diseases of these areas.
Avoid dairy products such as cheese and butter, sugar, refined and processed foods during a sinus infection as these foods encourage mucus production that eventually aggravate the congestion of respiratory track. Several successful herbal remedies have been tried and tested for the treatment of sinus infections. For treating sinus infections and opening up the blocked nasal canals, take eucalyptus oil and add a few drops to your pot of boiling water. Cover your head and pot with a thick towel and inhale the healing fumes through your nose.
The bulb is a thrilling pack of medicinal properties and is also anti-inflammatory and anti bacterial in nature.

For destroying the bacteria, red clover supplements can be taken. A tea can be prepared with a tablespoon of the dried flower added to eight ounces of boiling water.
The combined action of the herb as well as the heat emanating from the hot water will help in melting the phlegm trapped in the sinus. Once you start cayenne pepper, your nose will start running and this will aid in faster healing. Take a teaspoon of cayenne pepper and add to a glass of hot water. Examples of foods high is sugar content and needs to be avoided are pasta, white bread, pizza, cakes, commercial preparations and fast food. Eat foods high in betacarotene as it helps the body to produce Vitamin A which acts as anti-infective and sustains mucus membranes.
These natural methods are devoid of any side effects and hence great for even treating children. A few drops of eucalyptus oil on your pillow while you sleep too will help in keeping the nasal passages clear.
You can also gargle with this water to get relief from sinus inflammation and preventing it from getting infectious.
Also avoid taking coffee, tea, chilled drinks, cold drinks, alcohol as these deteriorate the immune system.
Foods such as carrots, apricots, mangoes and sweet potatoes are included in this genre.Also increase Vitamin C intake to clean-up the mucus and soothe the airways. Eucalyptus is an natural analgesic and relieves headaches and pain associated with sinus infections. Water helps to keep the respiratory system in a hydrated condition which aids in the softening of the already build-up mucus responsible for the sinus infection. Balanced and healthy diet helps to boost the immune system which is the body’s defense power against any disease or infection.

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