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If you manage this site and have a question about why the site is not available, please contact us directly. When stricken with cough and cold, most of us assume to be back to our bright eye, bushy-tailed selves within about a week’s time.
Despite your best efforts, your child is bound to get a cold or flu at some point early in their life, which can be upsetting and unnerving for you as a parent. It sure was nice outside yesterday—speaking as a resident of the Southwestern part of Canada that is known for being buried in a deep freeze until the middle of May.
A new study suggests that being exposed to cold weather can actually increase the chances of getting a nasty cold.
The information on this site is not intended or implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. MastersThe Masters category is devoted to those Nordic skiers who have figured out how to balance skiing with family and work. A little unclear about what his plan was for the afternoon, I brought everything: my road bike if he rollerskied (let’s be sensible), my sneakers, my trail shoes, and a change of clothes for all conditions. The 6-foot-3, development-team rookie emerged from his car and immediately struck up a conversation. About four weeks after leaving the September camp with what turned out to be a lingering sinus infection, Davis was back to his regular training schedule. I happened to catch him for a Level-1 “easy” session and hoped he would want to chat along the way. We set off on Winhall Hollow Road, a rural stretch with decent pavement that winds back to the Stratton Mountain access road. With a three-hour drive separating Davis from hometown of Jericho, it seemed a year-round commitment to either sport was inevitable. Then on the Southern Vermont select soccer team, Davis as a midfielder played deep into the season again, all the way to the state final. Davis made his grandparent’s seasonal condo at Stratton his new home and rehabbed his ankle while refocusing on his skiing goals.
The top J1 skier in New England, Davis ranked second of high-school male skiers in the region. As a senior, Davis continued to dominate the sprints and boosted his ranking to first in New England and second of all male high-school skiers in the nation. According to him, head coach Grover and Vordenberg, Davis’ personal mentor, were initially unsure if they’d have a development team. The decision not only brought Davis relief, but he said it helped him gain recognition and sponsors.
Davis double poles at the top of a hill during nearly two-hour rollerski in South Londonderry, Vt., on Oct. I frequently checked back to watch Davis in action, navigating even the steepest downhill without any sign of angst. To him, the paved-and-unforgiving descent hardly compared to the one on the backside of Stratton Mountain.
As we topped yet another hill, Davis looked up, took a swig of Gatorade and rolled down the other side. In July, Davis lowered his 5 k road-race personal best by more than a minute to 17:35, winning his age group and placing second overall at the Susan G.
The discomfort he felt running stemmed from injuries, which also took a toll on his ski racing.

He returned to Stratton for three weeks of rehab and went on to win the freestyle sprint at Junior Nationals.
After Davis’ 17-mile rollerski, we switched gears and jogged along a flat river path, where Davis went easy on me. In August, Davis came down with the ailment that kept him from competing at full-tilt on snow at New Zealand Winter Games. During that visit, Kaminsky gave Davis his email and told him to write any time he needed an appointment.
Kaminsky found a severe sinus infection was the root of Davis’ troubles and prescribed a stronger medication that cured him within days.
Davis stretches while talking to a student outside the Stratton Mountain School in Stratton, Vt., on Oct. After initiating a lengthy conversation with the head of the cafeteria, Davis ate a heaping plate of salad with meat on top like it was his best meal in years.
I asked Davis what it was like to deal with sickness and unexpected recovery periods as a newcomer to the USST. By spending time with USST A-teamers like Newell, Davis said he has learned how to grow as an athlete.
For now, Davis said he was focused on potential World Cup starts and top finishes at Senior Nationals and the U23 World Championships. For him, it wasn’t so much a matter of sheer luck — it was about eliminating excuses.
Davis rollerskis off into the distance near Stratton Mountain, as pictured in the background, in South Londonerry, Vt., on Oct. All content, including text, graphics, images and information, contained on or available through this web site is for general information purposes only. Use the links below to view articles in a specific sub-category, or scroll down to view all News articles. Ski Team rookie Skyler Davis poses in front of the South Londonderry Visitors' Center after a run on Oct. A few weeks later, I contacted the youngest member of the USST to see how he was recovering in his home state of Vermont. With a quick exchange, we were off and a mile or two later parked at the South Londonderry Visitors’ Center. When we met in early October, he was up for a combi workout with an hour or two classic rollerski followed by an hour trail run. Most days of the week while in Vermont, Davis typically trained with teammate and USST veteran Andy Newell, who lived about 20 minutes away in Weston, Vt. On rollerskis, Davis reenacted the moment in the championship that changed his soccer career — he went up to head the ball and came down on his right ankle. He remembered visiting Stratton’s ski-and-snowboard academy in fifth grade, when Newell was an upperclassman taking the college-racing scene by storm. In 2011, he made the Junior World Team and kept in close contact with USST coaches Chris Grover and Pete Vordenberg. If I thought the first was hard, it was all I could do to keep from screaming as I went down the other. He and Newell sometimes trained there, notching speeds upwards of 50 miles an hour while tucking. I stopped to snap a photo of the landscape, with a large farm in the foreground and the Stratton ski area in the back.

He realized the value of quality coaching, goal-setting and being in a place that furthered his training, he said. Davis continued to design his training schedule, making it similar to that of Newell and the rest of the team. He got over that this year with the help of his girlfriend, Middlebury College cross-country runner Summer Spillane, who pushed him to keep up. Just before the end of the season in April, Davis was third in the US Super Tour classic sprint, behind Newell and Simi Hamilton.
In his first 20-hour training week since his sickness forced him to take four days off, he said he felt great and that his speed and strength had improved over the last few months. One of the most sought-after lung specialists in the region, Kaminsky was booked for months — so Davis used the advantage. Fearing a virus had spread to his lungs, Davis was relieved and soon back in action — starting with a 16-hour week, followed by a 19-hour week of solid training.
In order to maximize the amount of healthy days, Davis jotted down all of his issues at the end of last season and resolved to fix them.
While he mimicked Newell’s technique, he didn’t attempt to stay with him on similar-intensity distance workouts.
While the USST provided him with several coaching and training opportunities, including a career coach, Davis wanted to make next year’s B-team.
When she's not writing, you can find her outdoors in upstate New York or doing the gym thing as a certified personal trainer.
His condition wasn’t exactly conducive to interview — he was hacking so hard he could barely catch his breath while warming up on rollerskis. When he wasn’t with Newell, Davis sometimes trained with the Stratton Mountain nordic team, which included a few skiers who liked to push the pace, he said.
The Stratton nordic coach, Sverre Caldwell, advised Davis to train year-round if he wanted to reach Newell’s level, and by his sophomore year, he listened.
Training around Stratton, Davis felt like his hard work had paid off in a way others suddenly understood.
At the turnaround, Davis commented on the view; he looked forward to it every time he rollerskied there.
Stratton did that for him, and he was excited to build off his work with Caldwell and Vordenberg in an effort to do well this season. Upon feeling like he was literally coughing up a lung in Lake Placid, he sought one more opinion. Sometimes, it’s actually good for me to get sick because I kind of shut down and then I restart and then I look forward to everything.
Newell needed to take it a little easier and Davis had to push a little harder for them to match up. This year, he depended on fundraisers and grants to cover his travel and living expenses, with a few thousand dollars coming from the New England Nordic Ski Association and the Level Field Fund.
They scheduled their workouts accordingly and often finished the day building Newell’s cabin in Weston.

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