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If you follow my Blog entries with any regularity, you know by know that I try and am mostly successful at staying in sunny, 65-80 degree weather all year long! In the Southland during the winter (Yuma, AZ for example), humidity is usually less than 20% and is frequently in the single digits. Since returning fro my 343 day, 16,000+ mile RV trip though Mexico and Central America in 2004, things have changed. In the winter of 2004-05, right after returning from my Central America trip, I had an unusual experience, I got the worst sinus infection of my life!
The sinus infection of the winter of 2007-08 where only the left side of my face was swollen.
Well this past winter the sinus infection started to come back and I was ready to head for Mexico once again. While in Yuma, AZ this past winter, I came to the conclusion that my real problem is an allergy that causes my sinus to react negatively.
Researchers found that it required less grape seed extract to kill advanced cancer cells than it did cells in the early stage.
A SOUP 100% STRONGER THAN ANTIBIOTICSIf you want relief from flu, cold, ear infection and many other problems.
Diabetes monitored by primary care physician and controlled with insulin and improved nutrition. Decayed teeth treated using dental dam isolation, waterlase technology and ozone sterilization. TMJ dysfunction (daily severe headaches, limited mouth opening, meniere's disease, high pitched ear ringing, dizziness, sharp pain around lips and chin, constant back of head pain), mercury, failed root canal therapy with infection, oral galvanism, lost vertical dimension of occlusion. Infected teeth removed and replaced with zironium implants, vertical dimension restored with ceramic crowns and composite resin, obstructive sleep apnea treated with Full Breath Sleep appliance. Patient had history of Crohn’s disease, poor bite, mercury toxicity and tinnitus (ear ringing).
Metal removed, cavitation surgically debrided, ozonated, and bite is currently undergoing reconstruction. Horses have comparatively large sinuses in their head, which like many other mammalian species can become blocked and fill with infection. After a bit of investigation (mainly with an x-ray of the sinuses) it was evident that several of them were full of liquid.
In essence the problem is solved, however the owner was happy for us to show a few images of what came out of the sinus. Approximately 40 million Americans suffer from sinusitis, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.
Sinusitis occurs when the mucous membranes lining the cavities in the facial bones become inflamed and blocked.
Suspend your intake of sugar, dairy products, caffeine, and alcohol until your sinuses are healed.
A diagnosis gaining increasing respect in medical circles is that of candidiasis, an overgrowth of candida yeast in the body.

Repeated courses of antibiotics are thought to promote yeast overgrowth by killing friendly bacteria in the body along with invading pathogens. Vitamin A protects the mucous membranes, vitamin D is a natural antimicrobial and omega-3’s reduce inflammation.
Vitamin C neutralizes free radicals that can reduce immunity and acts as an anti-histamine.
Sinus polyps are small scar tissue formations inside the sinus cavities caused by recurring bacterial sinus infections, on rare occasions the cause is allergic conditions. It is very important to gain personal knowledge what the sinus polyps are and what the best treatment in your condition could be by talking to your doctor. The information provided in this article is not considered as medical advice and should be used for educational purposes only. The information supplied in this article is not to be considered as medical advice and is for educational purposes only. Are E-Cigarettes Better For You Than Regular Cigarettes?FDA Regulates Access and Marketing of e-Cigarettes to Kids Hummus and e-CigarettesBPA's Found Everywhere: May be Leading Cause to Your Asthma Is Your Asthma and Hay Fever Being Caused by Fast Food?
The Weather Channel forecast for the next ten days is, “showers, some showers, few showers, rain, etc…! It never bothered me in my earlier years of RV’ing because I usually only spent two weeks in that area and moved onto other areas.
In the winter or 2007-08 while there, I went to San Luis, Mexico and my dentist took my to his pharmacy and they gave me some tablets “that you can’t get in the United States, that will cure anything you’ve got!”, and they did.
The Yuma, AZ area is very agricultural and they actually use crop-dusting planes to spray the growing fields. I thought I was through with my sinus infection for this year, but it’s back and I’m experiencing minor swelling and pain on the left side of my face.
Add pineapple chunks, honey, almonds and cinnamon to your blender and process until smooth.
They destroy the malignant cells of 12 types of cancer, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreas.
We offer several procedures that eliminate the need for surgical incisions, reducing your discomfort, downtime, and the need for multiple visits. Another remedy to aid cilia function is hot herbal tea (not coffee) first thing in the morning and a bowl of chicken soup.
In 1995, researchers discovered that saline spray additives, particularly one called benzalkonium, could actually destroy the mucus lining, taking the cilia with it.
The toxins candida releases can cause health issues including depression, fatigue and chronic infections such as sinusitis. Robert Ivker, A Denver-based osteopath, is best known for a holistic method of treating sinusitis, allergies, and colds that he developed.
The infected swollen nasal tissues respond to recurring inflammation by constantly repairing itself, causing these formations. Your doctor can do a series of test procedures to determine what the sinus polyps are in your case, and what can be done to prevent them from coming back.

Anti-inflammatory corticosteroid medications might be given to relieve the tissue swelling that might help reduce the size of your sinus polyps.
The wind also blows regularly there and I’m certain that’s what’s causing my sinus problems. Sinusitis can be acute, lasting one to two weeks, or chronic, lasting from two weeks to several months. Infection usually develops after a cold, but pollution, smoking, and allergies also can be triggers. In rare cases, untreated sinus infections can lead to an infection of the brain, called meningitis, which in rare instances can cause brain damage. You want to irrigate the area, keep yourself hydrated and give yourself the necessary nutrients to conquer the infection and restore cilia function. Now there are several preservative-free saline sprays on the market, including Rhinocourt Aqua. William Crook, a physician in Jackson, Tenn., has successfully treated hundreds of patients for candida with antifungal immune system support, antifungal medications and a sugar-free diet.
In her book Awakening Intuition (Harmony, 1999), Schulz discusses how psychological issues affect the seven chakras, the fourth being related to the ability to form balanced relationships and the capacity to feel and express all emotions. He created the Sinus Survival program, a comprehensive course of action to heal the body, mind and spirit. Surprisingly, antibiotics for sinus infections can adversely affect a person’s health by decreasing immune response and making it mole likely to develop sinus polyps. A small endoscopic tool is inserted through your nasal passage to view the exact location of sinus polyps. If all these measures do not help, the doctor might recommend you undergo a sinus surgery to remove the sinus polyps and prevent them from coming back. While heading North, in April I stopped at the VA Hospital in San Jose, CA where they gave me some tablets and nasal spray. So much to my dismay I’m back on the prescription spray and tablets I received from the VA Hospital and I hope it will soon be gone for this year.
Sinus polyps can affect an individual’s life immensely resulting in severe sinus headaches, strong sinus drainage, obstructed breathing and even lost sense of smell.
A CT or CAT scan could be performed in addition to view exact specifications of your sinus polyps. Most sinus polyps appear in adults, however, if a child experiences a bout of sinus polyps, it’s very important to talk to a pediatrician about what the sinus polyps are, as they could be a sign of cystic fibrosis disease.
Let the jars sit for 3 days ConsumptionTake 2-4 tablespoons 30 minutes before each meal and 30 minutes before you go to bed. Contact your doctor right away if you develop pain and stiffness in your neck,  accompanied by a fever.

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