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Anyway get it seen to, it's no doubt related to your sinus issues and the ENT can advise you. Post nasal drip refers to that sensation of having excess secretions (either thick or thin) drip down the back of your throat. When the mucus membranes become inflamed, usually due bacteria and viruses, they become swollen extending into the sinuses, causing congestion and poor drainage. Usually sinusitis, colds, allergies and other upper respiratory disorders are followed by post nasal drip. But there are some other glands in your throat that also produces secretions that help with swallowing and giving resonance to your voice.
Post nasal drip occurs when your mucous membrane and nose glands produce excess mucus due to irritation. All of the above factors are role players in our body's over-production of mucus and may cause post nasal drip. When mucus drips down from the nasopharynx and locate at the back of your throat, you feel the lump of secretions that causes the need to clear you throat constantly.

If you feel like you have post nasal drip, see your otolaryngologist and help him define your symptoms and the cause of your condition. It's crucial to see your otolaryngologist before you take any medication prior to your symptoms. I have a lot of issues with my sinuses (recurrent infections) and I am seeing an ENT specialist next week, But due to the recent bleeding I've had I've been a bit concerned, so I tried to look up there and I noticed what looks like a red, bloody lump up there.
There are glands lining your mucous membranes that produces a large amount secretions per day to help humidify the air you breathe and to trap foreign substances from entering the respiratory system. When you have sinusitis, your sinuses become swollen and the free flow of mucus and air via the ostium becomes blocked. Also, when swallowing is impaired due to other disorders such as dysphagia, secretions accumulate in the throat. All of them need to be avoided, but with allergies you will have to see your doctor to determine which foods and substances you're allergic to.
Sometimes the secretions are thin and clear, but othertimes it can be thick and discolored.

Treatment for post nasal drip depends heavily on the cause of the infection and not the symptoms. It kind of felt like my nose was bruised inside and sometimes really hurt and was swollen - even from the outside one side of my nose was a lot bigger. Normally, healthy humans produce up to 2 quarts of mucus per day, some of this mucus get swallowed unconsciously. As mucus forces its way out of the sinuses and nasal passages, it drips down the back of the throat. Mucus collects in the sinuses causing further irritation, while the mucus production in the mucous membrane continues.
Your doctor will do several tests to determine what causes your post nasal drip and prescribe a treatment method for you.

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