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Filter: All types Articles Slideshows Videos Sort: Most relevant Most popular Most recent No articles available No slideshows available No videos available Sinus infection & eye pain Easy way to get rid of a sinus headache How to cure a sinus infection in dogs How to cure sinusitis How to clear head congestion How to treat a cat UTI at home How to calculate projector throw Homemade Remedies for a Chest Infection How to Use a Bungee Cord Safely How to Waterproof My Shower Window How to reduce WBC count How to Make a Cobblestone Path Human cloning for organ transplants How to waterproof wood with epoxy How to Naturally Get Rid of Parasites in Your Body 1950s Clothes for Children How to find people for free by their birth date How to identify pine boards How to make flare jeans bootcut How to Sight a Three Red Dot Scope on a Cross Bow The Criteria for Medical Retirement Propylparaben Dangers What Does an Elevated C3 Complement Mean? There are many facial acupressure points that can reduce stress and restore energy.  Acupressure is an ancient Asian healing art, based on principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, practiced to restore the energy flow in the body. You can stimulate the facial acupressure points described and shown below to help your muscles relax and to reduce your own stress level. Is one of the most familiar facial acupressure points and is situated between the eyebrows at the bridge of the nose. Shown on this separate picture, is located on the muscle at the highest point of the shoulder. There is a small indentation of your eye socket, and lays below the middle point of each eyebrow. Lays just to the sides of the nostrils at the base of the nasal crease and relieves congestion and sinus pain. Directly below the pupils, under the edge of the cheekbones lie the facial acupressure pressure points  that relieve sinus pain, congestion, and eye fatigue, as well as facial blemishes. Flip through our spa menu to select your treatment and use the easy online booking feature.
Paul Alterio, of Lexington, Ohio, copes with a cluster headache, which causes the highest level of pain humans can experience. A tiny, experimental neurostimulator like this one is being tested on patients for the first time in U.S. Surgeons at OSU Wexner Medical Center insert the nation’s first neurostimulator designed to treat severe headaches known as cluster headaches. During a recent operation, surgeons at OSU Wexner Medical Center became the first in the U.S. Surgeons at Ohio State are attempting to stop painful cluster headaches in their tracks with the help of a newly developed device. According to a release from the OSU Wexner Medical Center, an estimated 400,000 people in the United States experience chronic cluster headaches, which are more common in men.
Cluster headaches are also known as “suicide headaches” because of the intense pain they cause, Otto said. During the surgery, surgeons insert a device called a neurostimulator into the sphenopalatine ganglion — a nerve bundle behind the nose known to play a major role in severe headaches, Otto said.
The devices were created by Autonomic Technologies Inc., a company that develops and commercializes medical devices for headache treatments, according to its website. So far, the clinical trial has only inserted the neurostimulator into one patient, though another is already scheduled for surgery, Larson said. Before the surgery, Alterio suffered from multiple cluster headaches every day for four years, he said.
He experienced cluster headaches three to four times per day and medicine did nothing to help, he said. Searching for a solution to his pain, Alterio’s headache specialist directed him to the neurostimulator clinical trial at OSU.

In order to allow time to heal, he will not receive the device to activate the neurostimulator for another two months or so, Alterio said. Even then, he might not have a neurostimulator that is “activated,” because of the study’s double-blind procedure, Larsen said. That means for the first part of the study, half of the surgeries will implant a device that is not ‘turned on,’ Larsen said. In Chinese, this energy flow or life force is called chi, which is the body’s bio-electricity moving through a network of pathways, or meridians. Whether you are working at your desk, waiting for flight departure, or taking a quick break, you can give yourself a no-fuss pressure point massage that leaves your makeup and hair-do intact, a bonus for any facialista. Locate one of the facial acupressure points described below on your face, then sink in gradually with your finger, and hold pressure for at least a minute. Reach with your index fingers the hollow area in front of your ears to alleviate migraines and headaches associated with vascular causes, earaches and mandible tension.
It lays one to two inches out from the side of the lower neck and relieves headaches, anxiety, fatigue, shoulder tension.
Innervating these facial acupressure pressure points helps relieve sinus pressure, congestion and eye strain. Facial Beauty lays at the bottom of the cheekbone and improves circulation, sagging skin and complexion.
Alterio has suffered from incurable cluster headaches for 4 years and doctors have been unable to find therapies that offer him much relief. Alterio has suffered from extremely painful and debilitating cluster headaches for the last 4 years. The tiny neurostimulator, which is attached to a patient’s cheekbone, has a wire that feeds directly into the nerves that are associated with cluster headaches. Bradley Otto of OSU Wexner Medical Center explains a new approach to headache care to a colleague. Bradley Otto demonstrates the use of a hand-held device that essentially ‘turns off’ severe cluster headache pain.
Brad Otto, the principal investigator for the clinical trial that’s testing the devices, said in an email that cluster headaches are rarer and more painful than migraines.
The patient only needs to hold the device up to their face once they feel the onset of a headache, and it will essentially “shut off” the process, said Dr.
After confirmation that Alterio met the participant requirements, he went through the surgery. As shown in this model, a tiny stimulator is screwed into the cheekbone and is controlled by the black, hand-held device on the right.
Doctors at OSU Wexner Medical Center say the neurostimulator has a wire (not visible) that feeds into the nerves behind the sinus cavity, which are associated with cluster headaches. Once in place, patients use a hand-held device to activate the neurostimulator and ‘turn off’ the pain they get from cluster headaches. The surgery was the first of 120 surgeries that will take place in the multi-center trial over the next few years.

The device activates a tiny neurostimulator inside the patient’s head, which disrupts the nerve signals responsible for cluster headaches. Dina Aziz, director of research administration at the Wexner Medical Center, would not disclose the cost of the clinical trial.
About us Use of this site constitutes acceptance of the Terms of use, Cookie policy, and Privacy policy of eHow. Acupressure is a gentle to firm finger pressure on these facial acupressure points to increase circulation, alleviate fatigue and activate the body’s natural ability to heal. It’s all right if you feel some tenderness, the tension in that location is known as a “nerve center”. When patients feel a cluster headache coming on, they wave the device over the stimulator to ‘short circuit’ the nerve signals that cause headache pain.
A hand-held device is used to activate the stimulator and ‘short circuit’ the pain signals.
Don’t forget to take deep breathes, it will only benefit your body’s ability to calm down and promote healing. Your doctor will look inside your nasal passages to check for signs of inflammation or obstruction.
If the source of your sinus pressure pain is due to a bacterial infection, your doctor will recommend antibiotics.
You must finish the entire course of your antibiotics to ensure that your infection has totally cleared. Decongestants are very effective in reducing swollen blood vessels that contribute to sinus pressure and pain. Check with your doctor before taking them because they can cause side effects, such as rapid heart rate and insomnia.
Taking an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication will alleviate sinus pain and accompanying eye and headache pain. If you are taking aspirin or other blood thinners, check with your doctor before taking an anti-inflammatory medication because they can intensify the blood thinning effects of anticoagulant medication.
A humidifier unit can breed bacteria if not cleaned, which can be harmful if you breathe in the contaminated steam.
These nasal sprays decrease swelling and are a treatment option for sinusitis pressure, says University of Maryland Medical Center. If your sinus pressure and pain is accompanied by fever or difficulty breathing, call your doctor promptly.
These symptoms can indicate a serious infection, which will need swift medical evaluation and treatment.

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