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The DONIC SLICE 40 has a sophisticated pimple design with a soft rubber surface tuned for defensive strategies. The DONIC SLICE 40 is not only for control, but it also has very good offensive characteristics for top-spin and counter attacks.
Tennis Tips: How To Get Powerful, Accurate, Consistent Forehands By Planning Your Timing Properly! Tennis technique alone gives you just a rough movement that imparts side spin on the ball but is still far away from serving accurate slice serves. The low toss actually allows you to exaggerate the side spin as it’s easier to move the racquet across the ball from side to side.
But the same principle as with the spin serve applies here: the racquet moves in a different direction than the ball. So you need to experience that (and not just know it in theory) – and you do that by hitting slice serves with a low toss and half grip. A half grip helps you accelerate the racquet head more and gives you a better feel for how it moves across the ball. Eventually, you just adjust the angle from which you want to hit the ball so that it lands near the singles sideline in the service box and keeps moving out wide. I suggest hitting a basket of balls (50-70) with a low toss and a half grip when you’re working on your slice serve technique before hitting full slice serves with a normal grip and normal height of the toss.

In the end, you shouldn’t even know how you hit the ball in theory based on the clock.
You only want the ball to fly in a certain way and keep trying to do that while adjusting slightly all the time.
It is also important to explain clearly that when u do the slice serve the brush of the ball is on the side of the ball unlike that of a topspin serve where you brush the ball with the racket going upwards its a good simple drill though, well done.
I love your focus on what’s natural and stressing the importance of feel rather than pure mechanics.
What I was doing was to normally toss the ball high, a little bit exaggerated to my back and a bit towards my left or tossing arm (American twist they seemed to call it), and gave it the slice whack. The Tennis Backhand – Slice and Topspin Finish!Sure many may argue that the backhand finish is totally irrelevant since the ball stays on the strings such a short amount of time (milliseconds) that the ball has long left the string bed of the racket when the stroke comes to an end. How to Hit a Great Low Tennis Backhand Slice!This is a Free online video tennis instruction on how to hit a one-handed slice backhand drive. How to Hit Your Dream Tennis Backhand Slice?The tennis backhand slice is a real weapon that many in today world of power tennis did not care to learn or their teachers failed to teach them.
Tim Henman – Tennis Backhand SliceVery few will hit a tennis backhand slice like Tim Henman did.
The Tennis Backhand SliceWhile the backhand slice is not nearly as widely used as in the past, it can still be a very effective shot, even in today's game.

Tennis Classic Backhand SliceTennis instruction: This is an example of the classic tennis backhand slice from start to finish.
The cross-stitch footwork step allows a perfectly balanced and controlled tennis backhand slice attack. Yes, the half grip can also be used to teach the pronation (you want the butt of the racquet to point up after the contact) and it does help feel the wrist snap better.
He embodied a dying breed of the last true attackers, with identical tactical and execution motives that prevailed in the 50’s trough to our present day. I only look at the ball that flies off my racquet and if I don’t like the trajectory I try to adjust on the next shot. I take a basket of balls and start with the intermediate technique, earning my way to the full shoT by hitting 10 balls consecutively in.

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