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One of our squad students 'Naca' recently took out Day 2 of the Boorondara Grand Slam Tournament!
A sensational effort from Naca who has been making some big improvements in his game over recent months!
From all the team at Slice Tennis Coaching we want to say well done to him on his win, and wish him all the best in his upcoming season here at the Eley Park Tennis Club!
Some sad news for Rafa fans as the Spanish supertar has now officially pulled out of the Australian Open 2013.
Well it certainly came down to the wire for the Green Team Crew at yesterdays T4 Tournament! A huge congrats to Nick Dobson (Black Team) & Chris Finiotis (Green Team) for taking out the tiltles! Thank you to all of the team that participated and the parents, friends and family who attended and supported the event again this term. The MLC Tennis Hotshots tournament round robin, was the perfect format for our recent tournament!
After another term of the Slice Tennis Coaching 'Play Sessions' we will be returning in term 3 bigger and better! Commencing on the 28th of July will be the next round of 'Play Sessions' and we look forward to seeing everyone back in action! Well done to one of our favorites here at Slice Tennis Coaching Melbourne, Roger Federer for his victory at The Madrid Open 2012.

Over the last term Slice Tennis Coaching students have had the chance to play a modified competition at Eley Park Tennis Club, every saturday morning. Each week students would compete against other students from the local area on either full or modified courts.
If you have tried to emulate John McEnroe, Martina Navratilova, Tim Henman or Roger Federer, down at the public courts, or tennis club and found it's not as easy as it looks on TV. This 'A Coaching Course for Social Tennis' e-book guides you through simple basic lessons, which will help people who may enjoy watching the sport but resist joining a tennis club until they can play a bit. The 'A Coaching Course for Social Tennis' e-book course is divided into easy to follow sections that take you from "Choosing the right Equipment," "How to Score a Tennis Match" and the essential "How to hold the racket", right through each or the basic strokes to get you started. This is a massive blow for fans hoping to see the return of this chamption on Australian soil. We hope everyone had a great time, and we are now looking forward to the next one in T1 2013!
Well done again to all of the kids (30 + of them) who turned out to make the event such a success! Well done again to all the participants and the parents who helped out throughout the term! The event got some big attention with the addition of blue clay courts at the event, rather than the traditional red!
All of the students have been loving the oppurtunity to play real tennis matches in Red, Orange & Green formats.

The 'Play' sessions were a huge success with William Roland & Ben Denmead taking out the titles in Term 1. Tennis is one of the most social sports that can be played by men and women well into their 80's helping to keep you fit and active. Video clips of Adult genuine beginners are included where relevant along with dialogue of the techniques involved.
Participants range from squad tennis kids to MLC Tennis Hotshots & Techno Tennis students from all around Melbourne. Follow these simple lessons and start having some fun, gain some confidence and let them get you moving in a new direction.
There are demonstration shots to practice and plenty of text for those who enjoy lots of information and studying the finer details. Tennis can be enjoyed at all ages, it is a particularly great choice sport for middle aged people looking towards a healthy retirement.

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