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These small hoop earrings feature classic single round circles making them perfect for every occasion. White gold hoop earrings have long been worn as a simple ear ornaments, accessories and status symbols still one of the most popular forms of fine jewelry. White gold hoop earrings are the smallest earrings because they fit perfectly the ear lobe.
On the positive side, gold earrings are affordable and beautiful, but on the downside, they can be easily overshadowed by flowing hairstyles, evening make-up and dressy necklaces.

Their small size makes them the perfect gift for children, the first earring or a precious gemstone, like a diamond. White gold hoop earrings come in a wide variety of styles and designs and different lengths of the drop, a droplet of a comprehensive dangle length, some of them can be set with diamonds, pearls, opal or other gemstones. You can select a small pin or Nestle earlobe dangle drop style, which can be more or less showy. And they are the perfect complements the main earring if worn for a second or subsequent ear piercing.

And this is the variety of options that can make choosing the perfect pair of dangle earring styles so bewildering.

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