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Instead they penetrate into the skin and accelerate the body's natural regenerative capabilities, reducing the effects of aging. Laser therapy is based on the working principles of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) in a process known as Bio-stimulation. This in turn enhances the regenerative capacity of the cells making them act younger and promoting collagen production.
The Softlaser operates in the 635-670nm wavelength and 5mw of power that is the most beneficial for skin rejuvenation.
Laser light incorporates only the beneficial spectrum of light and contains none of the harmful effects of sunlight. Our Softlasers produce true laser light that is isochromatic and oscillates in a uniform parallel wavelength. The Softlaser is true laser similar to those used at expensive spas and salons throughout the world.
Our Softlaser stimulates the skin gently and naturally and without undesirable side effects.
The Softlaser personal laser is a revolution in the field of low level laser therapy ( LLLT ). Laser Therapeutics offers you all-natural products to help your body the way nature intended it to. This personal laser incorporates "trade" secrets utilized in the finest Spas and salons around the world.

The Softlaser low level laser will help give your skin tone and color as part of an overall beauty treatment program!
You feel no pain or discomfort as a result of the treatment and the laser light enhances your feeling of well being. Soft cold laser equipment therapy PDT system-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Soft cold laser equipment therapy PDT system 1. The difference is that our lasers operate at lower power and are classified as safe for home use. These coherent red-light-lasers will contribute to the timelessness of beauty with their elegant and proven light source. We are the exclusive distributor of the Beurer Softlaser, the most effective way to maintain your skin's appearance. The technology is completely safe and effective and is now available for use in the privacy of your own home. It has been proven by over 50,000 satisfied customers and years of use throughout the world. These coherent red-light-lasers will contribute to the timelessness of beauty with their elegant and proven light energy. Treatments can be as little as twice a day for a few minutes each or longer depending on the problem. The Beurer Softlaser provides the proper wavelengths of light to assure a more beautiful look to your skin.

The external surface of the body protects us against harmful influences, helps regulate the body temperature, serves as a blood reservoir and defends us against numerous pathogens. A daily treatment of six minutes twice a day is ideal - time well spent for a beautiful and youthful looking you!
No side effects of low level laser light have been found in thirty years of international clinical research.
Beurer specializes in Health and Beauty products that are proven to be highly effective and reliable and are the best products available anywhere! Up until now low level lasers have not been available in the US but were effectively used by the finest European and Asian Spas, Clinics, Salons and by individuals as a part of their beauty and anti-aging programs. It has been proven that light affects our bodily processes in a fundamental way that is beneficial to beautiful skin. Most of our callers are happy purchasers who want to share their experiences with the Softlaser.

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