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To begin with, i don't know what Sony was thinking but creating this for DJ headphone is totally wrong. It's not about the sound, but the body are too Plasticky and doesn't seem to be durable and the cups are actually open which mean that it doesn't have noise reduction at all. Despite all that; the sound is fantastic for me (for 45 bucks headphone), i prefer this a lot rather than akg k701 or ath ad700.
Bass is deep but is lacking in the mid bass part and therefore, i feel like the sounds is losing a bit of body. I got this for 45$ used which to me is a very good deal (i think 96 new and + tax which is about 103$ shipped) and i think for 45$ one's can't argue much for better sound than these.
Sony's worldwide reputation for creating unique, attractive, high-quality, advanced technology products rests on a long line of innovations embraced by people from all walks of life. Sony's worldwide reputation for creating unique, attractive, high-quality, advanced technology products rests on a long line of innovations embraced by people from all walks of life. These in-ear sound isolating headphones employ high quality 9mm dome-type driver units with high energy neodymium magnets to produce optimized treble with powerful bass response to suit any sound genre, while hybrid silicone ear buds ensure a secure fit.Color and comfort combine with great sound in these fashion color series earbuds that perfectly complement your style. Triple High-Definition MicroDrivers Featuring Triple High-Definition MicroDrivers, the SE535 utilizes dedicated tweeter and dual woofers to deliver spacious sound with rich bass.
Strong 9mm driver units pump up the powerful bass while the hybrid silicone ear buds fit as good as they look and sound.The headphones feature hybrid silicone earbuds in 3 sizes for a custom and comfortable fit.

A detachable cable with wire-form fit enables easy replacement, both extending the life of your investment and providing a secure, comfortable fit. Ah also everytime you move your head, it gives you cracking sound which is for me very disturbing. It has adequate soundstage which is not too big like in akg k701 (so you don't feel the intimacy of listening to headphones).
The 2 tone design gives a stylish look and the Y type cord with slider helps prevent any possible tangling.
Sound Isolating sleeves in multiple sizes provide up to 37 dB of isolation, and a wide assortment of accessories offer premium customization.
Treble extension are very good, it's nice and precise, i feel kind of sweet, at some point can be harsh too however compared to higher end headphones, and this is not verybright as in the ath ad 700.
The choice for discriminating professionals and audiophiles, the SE535 utilizes Triple High-Definition MicroDrivers for incredibly spacious sound with rich bass. Evolved from personal monitor technology road-tested by pro musicians and fine-tuned by Shure engineers, SE535 earphones deliver an unparalleled listening experience allowing you to hear the details of your music like never before. Sound isolation technology prevents outside noise from interfering with your listening experience, whether on-stage or on-the-go.
Ergonomic, professional design, lightweight, low-profile shape with optimized nozzle angle is designed to rest comfortably in the ear.

Formable wire ensures secure placement, and over-the-ear configuration keeps cables out of the way. Gold plated MMCX Connector has a lock-snap mechanism allowing 360-degree rotation for comfortable fit. The role of the included sound isolating sleeves is twofold: blocking ambient noise and ensuring a comfortable customized fit. Because every ear is different, the Fit Kit includes three sizes (S, M, L) of the flex and black foam sleeves as well as 1 pair of triple flange and 1 pair of universal fit yellow foam sleeves. Experiment with the size and style that creates the best fit for you-a good seal is key to optimizing sound isolation and bass response as well as maximizing comfort during extended wear. A soft-zip, compact carrying case is included to provide a convenient, tangle-free solution to store and travel with your earphones. Allows for comfortable listening from any high-output audio source, including airplane armrests.

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