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Sony MDR-NC8 Noise Cancelling Headphones FeaturesThese noise cancelling headphones by Sony are designed to reduce ambient noise by up to 90%, letting you groove to your tunes with vivid audio provided by 30mm drivers. By signing-up, you agree that EXPANSYS PLC and their respective group of companies can contact you from time to time by email, phone, post, SMS or MMS with information on products, services and offers. We have 2 pairs of Bose over-the-ear noise cancelling headphones and do not travel without them for any cross county, trans-Atlantic or trans-Pacific flights. These headphones have a built-in USB DAC amplifier that takes the digital outsignal from a computer or cellphone and converts it to an analog signal that is amplified.The result is better sound, regardless of what your listening to. Hvis du kommenterer og kobler til denne artikkelen i bloggen din, opprettes en kobling til innlegget ditt herfra.

Kostnadsberegningen inkluderer ikke ekspedisjonsavgift og faktureringsavgift.Velg delbetaling som alternativ i kassen. Perfect for travellers, they have a folding design for convenient transport, are lightweight, comfortable and powerful. You can activate the Sony noise cancelling feature then turn on and off the simulated airplane engine noise to hear for yourself the before and after. If you don’t already have one, you can try this Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones MDR10RC. LCP-film gives clearer sound, 8 hour battery life, Lowers distortion in heavy bass tones, Foldable making them portable.

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