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NEW YORK, NEW YORK, September 4, 2013 – Today Sony introduced the next evolution of premium headband-type MDR-10 headphones. The new MDR-10 premium headphones deliver an enhanced acoustic design, allowing listeners to hear the music the way artists intended it to sound in the studio.
Sony engineers and Sony Music artists identified the critical 30-40Hz sub-bass region that is the signature of today’s music styles and developed an enhanced Beat Response Control design for the new MDR-10 headphones, featuring a closed back for maximum isolation and exceptional bass response. Featuring a dedicated 40mm HD driver unit, the MDR-10 headphones deliver a wider frequency range with a balanced, highly accurate reproduction of today’s up-front vocals, mid-range details, as well as rich, powerful lows and extended highs.
The MDR-10 headphones are designed for hours of comfortable listening with pressure-relieving ear cushions, for a supportive, wrap-around feel. Featuring grooved serrations on its surface, the detachable cable provides an innovative design that eliminates friction between cable surfaces and reduces the incidence of frustrating tangles. By pressing Sony’s Automatic Intelligence Noise Canceling technology button, the new MDR-10RNC headphones automatically activates one of three optimal noise canceling modes based on an analysis of ambient noise. The MDR-10RNC digital noise canceling headphones include noise canceling sensors both inside and outside the headphone housing, as well as a digital noise canceling software engine.

The MDR-10RBT Bluetooth® headset brings the same innovative sound processing technologies to music lovers who demand the ultimate in sound quality without wires.
These new headphones also stream music wirelessly from iPhones® and iPads® as well as Android™ smartphones and tablets that are not NFC equipped, once paired through traditional Bluetooth pairing methods. Demonstrating Sony’s uncompromising passion for music and commitment to extraordinary sound performance, the new MDR-10RBT headphones support aptX and AAC codecs to ensure high quality sound while streaming wirelessly.
Available in digital noise canceling, Bluetooth® wireless with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology and standard versions, the new MDR-10 headphones deliver music lovers a premium audio experience in a more lightweight and portable design that is distinctly Sony.
With enlarged air vents at the back of each driver, music lovers experience a quick and rhythmic low frequency response. The high-definition driver assures ultra-wideband audio performance matching today’s high resolution music sources. They also have a highly effective acoustic seal, further reinforcing the headphones’ powerful sub-bass reproduction. Unlike most other noise canceling headphones, the Sony MDR-10RNC model can always be used as standard headphones even when the battery runs out.

Incorporating NFC technology, users can simply tap an NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet to the MDR-10RBT Bluetooth headset to instantly stream high-quality music or crystal-clear phone calls via Bluetooth.
This model can also always be used as standard high-resolution headphones with a frequency range from 5Hz to 40kHz­ – even without the battery­ – by attaching the supplied audio cable. There’s also a unique hanger structure that moves the headphones’ housing axis inward for the ultimate in stable fit and comfort. High-resolution audio helps music lovers conveniently access and enjoy the digital music they love with the best playback quality.

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