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SoundMasking-WhiteNoise is supported by Haverford Systems, Inc a 27 year old Audio Visual integration company from Pennsylvania. At Haverford Systems we offer everything from a inexpensive web conferencing solutions to the most advanced in interactive and collaboration technology. Sound Masking-White Noise is owned by Haverford Systems a Authorize Cambridge Sound Management Reseller. Tags: SonetQT, sound masking, sound masking emitter, sound masking machine, white noise, White noise machine, White Noise System GSA.
The Sonet Qt Individual Sound Masking System comes complete with Velcro attachments for easy installation on hard surfaces, like office walls.
The Sonet Qt Individual Sound Masking System also includes attachments for fabric covered surfaces, like cubicle panels, for easy installation. Warranty: CSM warrants that Qt plenum rated emitters will be free of defects in materials and workmanship that interfere with proper operation for a period of five (5) years from the date of purchase.
Sound masking works by producing a unique, digital broadband sound spectrum complimentary to the speech spectrum, that effectively covers speech levels.

You can't operate your business in a space that's as quiet as a library, or as noisy as a restaurant. It's easy to understand why building materials like sound-absorbing wall panels are needed. Sound masking fills the plenum and gently filters down into the space below, covering noise and conversation in open areas and improving privacy in enclosed offices.
Typically hung 15' on center, each sound masking unit covers 225 square feet - up to three times as much area as ceiling panel-mounted speakers, reducing equipment and labor costs.
Our line of Sound Masking Systems include affordable solutions for only a couple hundred dollars all the way up to IP Addressable modules which can power 100,000 square foot facilities. We offer our Cambridge Sound Masking Products on several Local, State and Federal Contracts including: GSA, PEPPM, COSTARS, ITQ, Pennslvania State Contract and DE State Contract. Sonet Qt is based on the same sound masking technology found in our more robust Quiet Technology systems while giving individuals the flexibility and portability to install sound masking when and where they need it.
CSM warrants that any QtTM control modules will be free of defects in materials and workmanship that interfere with its proper operation for a period of one (1) year.

This scientifically engineered sound is amplified through special individual speakers installed above the dropped ceiling, creating a uniform field of sound ensuring temporal and spatial uniformity.
What's harder to grasp is why adding sound back into an environment gives you control of sound levels overall. In addition, in healthcare and related service fields, protecting sensitive patient information is not just a top priority, it is the law. Just let us know what is bothering or distracting in your office and we can recommend the proper white noise, pink noise or speech privacy machine that can help out your unique situation.
The same is true in our daily workplaces; we're surrounded by too many sounds within buildings designed to be quiet. If you've ever been interrupted by your co-workers' conversations, been overly aware that other people can hear your conversation or been distracted by ringing telephones, printers and other machines, you're a prime candidate for the benefits of sound masking.

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