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Now, this does not have to mean large unsightly ear protectors that block out the much enjoyed music. Performers, music artists and DJs all wear hearing protection to ensure their hearing is preserved for as long as possible. Advanced treatments like those provided at the Chalfont Hearing Centre are not available via the NHS, Currently this device costs ?1750 and is only available through approved hearing and audiology centres. Tinnitus relief and help has taken big leap forward this autumn at the Chalfont Hearing Centre.
The novel, cutting edge Serenade system consists of a handheld patient device to generate sound therapy, earphones and proprietary acoustic treatment that research has suggested may address the underlying neurological cause of tinnitus. Soundcure’s advanced technology was originally developed at the University of California, Irvine by leading hearing researchers.
Being one of a few uk tinnitus centres able to fit the device, we are seeing a positive effect on patients treated with the device. 2013’s exhibition will be held at the Village Hall, Little Chalfont, Amersham, Bucks.
The day provides the opportunity to speak to all of the worlds leading hearing aid manufacturers. There will be Free hearing tests, Demonstrations, Discounts, Bitesize technology talks and Refreshments. Registration for the day will enter attendees for a prize draw, discounts and a free hearing test. FAQWhere do I have my hearing test?Tests can be conducted at your home, at our practice in Little Chalfont or at one of our high street Hearing Assessment Satellite Clinics.Who carries out my hearing test?This depends on the whether you go privately or via the NHS. Past studies have found that people with tinnitus have increased neural activity in regions of the brain associated with hearing even when there is no sound. Transcranial magnetic simulation (TMS) is not currently available for the average person with tinnitus, but the study’s lead author hopes it will someday be used along with existing therapies like hearing aids and symptom management strategies. For the treatment, electric current running through a coil placed on the scalp generates a magnetic field that affects nearby brain cells. Past studies have found that people with tinnitus have increased neural activity in regions of the brain associated with hearing even when there is no sound, Folmer said. For the new study of 64 people with significant ringing in their ears, the researchers randomly assigned half the participants to receive 2,000 TMS pulses during sessions over 10 consecutive business days.

The participants then periodically filled out questionnaires about the severity of their tinnitus over the next six months.
Overall, 56 percent of participants receiving TMS improved by the end of the 10 sessions, compared to 22 percent of the participants who received sham TMS. By the end of the six months, 66 percent of the TMS group had improved, compared to 38 percent of the sham group. None of the participants dropped out of the trial because of side effects, but Folmer said sometimes TMS can cause jaw movement or eye twitching. While people who responded to the treatment typically sustained their improvements over the six months, larger studies are needed before TMS is offered to people with tinnitus, the researchers write in JAMA Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.
For example, the participants in his study were younger, had more severe tinnitus and had very low depression scores.
Hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world decend on the outdoor music scene, where the music is loud and the weather is unpredictable. Their careers play havock with their ears with many people in the music industry suffering from tinnitus or hearing loss.
To book a tinnitus assessment or for more information on our tinnitus sound therapies please contact us on 01494 765144. After we evaluate your tinnitus, your serenade device is programmed to play the sounds most likely to be effective for you. S-Tones are customised sounds designed specifically for your unique tinnitus and produce brain activity which research suggests can reduce your perception of tinnitus.
Combined with our tinnitus assessment and management program, we are finding significant tinnitus reduction. Have you struggled to find impartial professional information about the latest digital hearing aid technology?
This years attendee’s include Widex, Unitron, Phonak, Oticon, Starkey, Soundcure, Bucks hard of hearing club, NHS and Chalfont Hearing Centre. As well as opportunities to meet other people with hearing loss and share experiences and advice. If you decide to visit the Hospital or have your test conducted by the Chalfont Hearing Centre then you will be seen by a qualified Audiologist registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC).
All of which are preventable. So invest in your hearing now, so you can continue to enjoy your favourtie music in the future.

The treatment is delivered using a small palm size device which delivers low-level sounds to the ear via headphones. Sound therapy is an effective tool in the treatment of tinnitus associated with auditory nerve and hair cell damage, but until now has not allowed for customisation to each patient.
The approach was developed by a team with deep scientific understanding of the neurophysiology of tinnitus and how the brain processes sound.
Louis found that TMS did not help tinnitus, but he told Reuters Health that the difference in results between the two studies may be due to differences in the groups studied.
We want our readers to be responsible while commenting and to consider how their views could be received by others. The device works by forcing auditory nerve cells sensitive to different frequencies to fire at a different rate and so disrupt the abnormal neuron firing that is associated with tinnitus. Soundcure is changing that with Serenade, a simple, flexible sound therapy system that is customised specifically to your tinnitus. Please be polite and do not use swear words or crude or sexual language or defamatory words.
By tailor making your ear plugs specifically to the shape of your ear, you will forget that you are even wearing them. Serenade is designed for short-term relief from your tinnitus and provide long term relief when used as part of a tinnitus management program.
FMT also holds the right to remove comments that violate the letter or spirit of the general commenting rules.The views expressed in the contents are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of FMT. At the Chalfont Hearing Centre, Bucks, we are also utilising this form of tinnitus management using our preferred device, the Soundcure Serenade.
The generated sounds are referred to as S-tones and are customised specifically for your unique tinnitus, which research suggests can reduce your perception of tinnitus. Such devices are not a tinintus cure or a tinnitus miracle but they have had significant results. Serenade is designed for short term relief of tinnitus symptoms and long term relief as part of a tinnitus management program here at Chalfont Hearing Centre near High Wycombe.

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