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Thank you so much for visiting my blog, reading, hanging out here and leaving comments ?? I really appreciate it! The blue black and the tortoise shell patterned accents everyone is driving me a little bit insane.
Most women choose these popular accessories according to their overall style, color, and materials. They are pairable with bracelets and necklaces, and even work with outfits when neither other type of jewelry is appropriate.

Coffee Summer Haze, Brown Pete’s Shirt, Oatmeal Vintage Floral and these Leopard ones.
A little crazy, maybe, but I bought them each on some sort of sale or deal (thanks to the help of my brother’s girlfriend ?? shoutout to Amy! I love them – they fit perfectly, look super fun, are comfortable and add a big PUNCH of awesomeness to every outfit.
Plus, they’re selling for crazy amounts on ebay so get them while you can (that was my justification lol)!

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