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A 85 minute documentary which shows the circles themselves for all to see and presents the top crop circle researchers. In Solar Revolution world-renowned German biophysicist Dieter Broers makes a compelling case pointing to the wealth of scientific evidence that shows a remarkable correlation between increases in solar activity and advances in our creative, mental and spiritual abilities. In this visually compelling and thought provoking documentary, Weidner uncovers some of the deepest secrets of the ancient western tradition of Alchemy - the knowledge of the fatal season of the apocalypse, the end of time and the great and imminent transformation of humanity. In 2004, thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers from all corners of the World, moved by their concern for our planet, come together at a historic gathering where they decided to form an alliance- The International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers. Against the breath-taking backdrop of the circles themselves, filmmaker Suzanne Taylor engages with a fascinating community of visionary artists, scientists, philosophers, mathematicians, and educators from all over the world. A Film by Jay WeidnerProduced by Cubed Brick ProductionsThis provocative and insightful film is the first in a series of documentaries that will reveal the secret knowledge embedded in the work of the greatest filmmaker of all time: Stanley Kubrick.
A Film by Jay WeidnerProduced by Cubed Brick ProductionsKubrick uses powerful symbols in 2001 that were designed on purpose to reveal the secret of transformation and the path to our spiritual evolution.
All Ringing Cedars DVDs are now multi-region DVDs.Our ancestors revered the sacred link between the fertility of woman and the fertility of Mother Earth, but today we have lost this connection. By Rick LevineIn this fascinating DVD, astrologer Rick Levine offers audiences a unique and comprehensive perspective on the sacred science and art of Astrology. Assisted by many computer animations that bring these teachings to life, Rick Levine shows us an astonishing array of facts that reveal the inner essence of Astrology and the flow of time. Presented as part of a two-day intensive workshop, Byron Bay, Australia, October 2008, running time 1 hr 30 min.
All Ringing Cedars DVDs are now multi-region DVDs.Creating your own living space is an immensely challenging, and equally rewarding, undertaking. Presented by Leonid Sharashkin, Editor of Anastasia at the NEXUS Conference, Australia, October 2008.
All Ringing Cedars DVDs are now multi-region DVDs.Dr Leo's best presentation of 2009 picks up where The Return of Anastasia leaves off, offering stunning new information never revealed before.
At this school, revealed in Book 3 of the Ringing Cedars Series, the children have designed, built, and decorated their own campus. All Ringing Cedars DVDs are now multi-region DVDs.For three decades now a Russian visionary, Mikhail Shetinin has been shattering both mainstream and 'alternative' views on education, while creating humanity's new future. NEXUS CONFERENCE 201014 DVDs (90mins each) In July 2010, hundreds gathered for our regular NEXUS Conference, on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia, for three days and two nights of informative talks and presentations. 2011 NEXUS CONFERENCE16 DVDs (60–90mins each) In July 2011, hundreds gathered for our Conference on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia, for three days and two nights of inspiring talks and presentations. In July 2013, hundreds gathered for our Conference on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Australia, for three days and two nights of inspiring presentations. Some, however, view a rainy wedding day as having a negative connotation, symbolizing that the bride is likely to shed many tears during her married life.
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Often fair haired or occassionally witnessed with red hair and with green or blue eyes and pale skin.He engaged a camera crew and went into the bush to find out.
Investigating the over-all assumption of hoaxing, balls of light, sacred site connection, media and people’s reaction to the phenomena, and outlining the basic understandings arrived at so far.
Does it speak to politics, religion, economics, business, art, philanthropic, health, science, social - or perhaps, does it encompasses them all?

After discovering instances of rampant censorship in modern American books on childbirth, Dr Sharashkin set out on a quest to reclaim the ancient truth about this key life experience. Handed down to us from our ancient ancestors, this mystical science of the stars and planets was designed to provide us with a greater understanding of both the physical and spiritual nature of our lives. Through his insightful analysis we see that time itself can be mapped and understood through the complete understanding of planetary movement and the cycles of history. Cathie explains the unknown secrets of our reality in this exclusive documentary into his life and research. They now show a path to a more fulfilling, independent, connected, and mortgage-free existence. In this insightful presentation, the Editor of Anastasia offers inspirational and equally practicable advice on establishing a family domain and planning an eco-village.Setting up your kin's domain means achieving, in one lifetime, what formerly took generations to manifest.
They knew there is no death, and saw in the universal cycle of birth, growth, maturity, death and re-birth a reflection of the Divine Thought. We will advise you of our bank account number for direct credit, or you can post a cheque, or phone us with your credit card details.
Never in a million years did he expect to be rewarded so generously when the crew captured a supernatural anomaly on camera.See review on P.
Images of the major crop circles, interviews with top researchers and a narrative line dealing with the mystical aspects of the phenomenon.Many are now coming to believe these mysterious symbols, appearing all over the planet (more than 11,000 since 1980), are a communique humankind allowing a greater human consciousness to emerge. Whether Tapping the Source shifts your consciousness or remains an enigma is something only you can decide. Using the outer planets' rhythms as his foundation, Levine unveils and clearly demonstrates the impact of cosmic cyclesa€”not only on our personal lives but also on significant historical events. In a clear and straightforward manner, he unfolds a 21st century vision of this ancient science and reveals its relationship to the bewildering world of Quantum Physics, and its relevance to these fast moving and rapidly changing times.
Discover the truth about matter and antimatter, time travel, UFO sightings, Earth’s energy grid, harmonic calculations and the connection between atomic tests and volcanic activity. As millions of people worldwide start to embrace these ideas, humanity may now be entering the age of harmony and peace.
Based on his in-depth study of homesteading an organic agriculture, his intimate knowledge of the Ringing Cedars Series, his real-life experience of living in and creating an eco-village, Dr Leonid Sharashkin advises us where to start, and how to avoid pitfalls! Why, since we started celebrating the Earth Day, has our planet seen the greatest amount of environmental destruction ever?
They cover the entire high-school curriculum in one year and get official Master's degrees by the time they are seventeen.
The idea that rain signifies renewal relates to the rain washing away all the sorrow and struggle in one's life and providing the ability to start fresh; rain's cleansing qualities wash away sadness and hard times. Using vital and beautiful imagery, along with personal accounts of near-death experiences, reincarnation and more, Infinity brings forth the story of our own infinite nature, what to expect after death and the magic and beauty that awaits us on the other side. They are here to offer humanity at this time, an opportunity for an expanded consciousness and an understanding of how the world works in the larger context of the inter-galactic community. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick's novel, but also a research and development project that assisted Kubrick in the creation of the Apollo moon footage.
But Anastasia is returning, restoring to the Earth its former splendour, and bringing in her footsteps the blossoming of the Spring.Presented by Leonid Sharashkin, Editor of Anastasia at the NEXUS Conference, Australia, October 2008. White Powder Gold Barry Carter, (USA) believes that these materials are the greatest scientific discovery in human history, associated with levitation, superconductivity, biological and pyschic effects.4. A naturopath and industrial hemp grower since 2002, Susanna expands on how hemp offers eco-sound solutions in building and farming and has amazing health benefits.2.

In light of this revelation, Weidner also explores Kubrick's film, The Shining and shows that this film is, in actuality, the story of Kubrick's personal travails as he secretly worked on the Apollo footage for NASA. Bio-Energy Field Mysteries Dr Harry Oldfield, (UK) scientist & inventor utilising the special properties of crystals, expands on his amazing discoveries with energy fields & the invisible universe.5.
Now is the time for a careful re-consideration based on the information and insights gained by the many researchers in the field.
Delivering these messages with his hallmark humour, the Editor of the Ringing Cedars Series also exposes the top secret cause of the world's economic crisis—and unveils a unique and unexpected way out, direct from Anastasia. Understanding Humans, ETs &a€?our planetary mind Gary Opit, (Aust) research from multi-disciplined fileds give us a new understanding of our universe including our moon.6.
An independent investigator into the effects of EMF, Don highlights the latest environmental and health concerns from the increasing use of smart meters, Wi-Fi, mobile phone towers and cellphones.3. Many Italians believe the number thirteen brings prosperity and life, and it is seen as especially lucky when gambling. A survivor of near-death experiences and author of Saved by the Light and At Peace in the Light, Dannion reveals what happens when we "die".
Bill Ryan and Kerry Cassidy share interviews, alternate time-lines and enlighteneing testimonies about the true nature of the world. As owls are nocturnal, it can be disconcerting to see an owl during the daytime, and though many may take this as a bad omen, it is not necessarily so. 9.The Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull Bill Homann, (USA) covers the history and legends surrounding this unique skull.
Internationally acclaimed as a teacher and an animal communicator, Trisha is the author of Stories from the Animal Whisperer. Vaccination Network and editor of Informed Choice magazine, Meryl shocks with her findings.7.
God Save Us From ReligionIan Ross Vayro, (Aust) shares his views on the validity of theology.12. The Ringing Cedars At Work Dr Leonid Sharashkin, (Russia) explains the spiritual, cultural and economic significance of the Russian dacha gardening movement.13.
Science Meets Spirituality (Paul Bailey, Aust) discusses the meeting ground of science and spirituality.14.
After a hectic publishing career, Sandy had a health crisis which led to her discovery of the importance of magnesium in the body.
Founder of the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence and The Disclosure Project, Steven updates us on UFO developments.8. A senior editor at US website Veterans Today, Gordon reflects on his exposure to Majestic documents and UFO-related events.9. A former nurse and co-founder of the Australian Close Encounters Resource Network, Mary recounts some extraordinary cases documenting ongoing conscious contact between children and aliens. A multimedia artist and cosmologist, Jonathan demonstrates via breathtaking imagery the links between sacred geometry and architecture, resonant fields and states of consciousness. A scientist and inventor, Harry explains how his technology enables visualisation of nonphysical life-forms and can also effect healing.12.
A physicist, former "deep black" scientist and botanical herbalist, Rick exposes how the mind is being targeted through the gut via GM foods and also suggests what we can do about it.

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