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Shown in 14kt white gold, our diamond starfish earrings are bead set with 1 carat total weight of fine white diamonds. Starfish earrings, PMC fine silver, 22 aura gold, relief painted star, freshwater pearl (white) sterling ear wires.
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These earrings have images of sea fan shaped ocean waves made of Ring Mesh with the little Pewter Starfish attaching themselves to the ocean wonders.

Pair these beautiful earrings with one of our beautiful star fish necklaces and bracelet and you have a special Cape Cod ensemble meant for that special occasion. All weights and measurements are approximate There may be very slight variations in items as they are individually hand crafted. Created in our American shop by our skilled artisans, the workmanship in these earrings is evident even at a glance. All Vivien of Holloway jewellery is the perfect finishing touch to your glamorous outfits and all are excellent quality!

These statement clip earrings are made from crimson-hued resin and beading to resemble the petals of impatiens, a simple yet bold perennial flower. The single clip-on ear cuff is strung to a triple micro chain and can be looped at the back of the earring jacket for edgy appeal.

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