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Hiccups are those annoying, involuntary fits that make it nearly impossible to carry on a conversation. Researchers at the Trondheim-based company Nacre AS some time ago developed a new system for protecting the ears against loud noises.
Fro example, Norway’s largest company, Statoil ASA, is currently peddling the product to its employees, who need to work in extremely loud conditions aboard drilling rigs. The Nacre AS innovation, which draws its roots from work conducted at SINTEF, Scandinavia’s largest independent research organization, is also being distributed to the US military, in addition to other unspecified customers. Experts say that the QUIETPRO earplug system is the world’s most advanced hearing protection device, capable of filtering out incredibly loud noises, AlphaGalileo reports. Their development was extremely important for the oil industry, seeing how more than 600 cases of hearing impairment are reported by the Norwegian petroleum industry annually. It features an external microphone, capable of picking up ambient sounds, and relaying them to a small loudspeaker inside the ear.

Additionally, the plugs also contain a microphone inside the ear, which captures the words of its wearer from inside the skull. But capturing words with a microphone placed in front of the lips also captures a lot of the ambient noise, which is not something you want to do on an offshore drilling rig. The expert is the initiator and manager of the Offshore Safety for Hearing and Verbal Communication (SoHot) research & development project. You get them when the vagus nerve or one of its branches, which runs from the brain to the abdomen, is irritated. Their innovation is currently being used in applications varying from the military to the oil industry.
In the mean time, the sound is processed on board, and the noises are eliminated digitally. Soft ear pads mold quickly for a comfortable, custom fit and swivel to stay in place with jaw movement.

The vagus nerve signals the brain that more important matters have arisen, so it's time to knock off the hiccups. Other methods interfere with breathing, increasing the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood.
Product name Hearing Protection Noise Reducer Silicone Ear Plugs Sound Insulation Ear Protector.
Even infants hiccup, and the reflex continues, about three to five times a year, throughout life. This probably causes the body to become more concerned with getting rid of the carbon dioxide than making hiccups.

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