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I wanted to share the reasons why I love dolphins, but I had difficulty penning down the reasons and what made me love dolphins.
I don’t know when I started loving dolphins, perhaps it was from 2003 after watching At Dolphin Bay (?????) where the drama mentioned how dolphins are guardian of love who help reunite a pair of lovers. To me, dolphins represents freedom, love and compassion (I guess I got it from the news reports about how dolphins help save human?). There are 11 inter-connected lagoons inside Dolphin Island and one of the lagoons has a glass panel where visitors to the SEA Aquarium gets to view the dolphins. Dolphins have very good eyesight both in and out of the water, and they can hear frequencies ten times or more above the upper limit of adult human hearing. Each dolphin have their own fish bin in Dolphin Island, and their diet consist of frozen fishes, squids and crustaceans. Do you know that if you point to the sky and twirl around, Wawa will start dancing and twirling with you. As there are limited programmes daily, DO call and reserve your programme to avoid disappointment. RWS 8 is a public bus service which will bring guests directly into Resorts World for a $3 fee (Guests need not pay for the island admission if they are entering Sentosa via RWS 8). Hi, I'm Tiffany Yong, a Bubble Tea Addict who loves Acting; Blogging and Coaching (Kids)! I know dolphins are cute, but it was the affinity and the happiness I felt when I see dolphins that I wish to share.

The Dolphin Island is within the Adventure Cove Waterpark and there are various types of dolphin interaction programmes available. Although a wet suit is provided during the activity, we are not allowed to wear the suit out of the area.
It is a 30 minute programme which allows guests (above 122cm), including non-swimmers, to touch the dolphins and wade in a shallow pool.
I learnt little details about my favourite animal, such as identifying the gender, understanding how each dolphin’s fin has unique patterns which allow trainers to identify them. There is a laboratory to check on these dolphins daily, making sure they have their daily vitamins and food (plus not overeat). We learnt the little actions and hand signals that will get the dolphins doing certain stunts.
There will be official photographers to take photos for you, and you may purchase them at the Adventure Cove Waterpark- Reef N Wave Wear after the programme. I felt that if you are an animal lover (or dolphin lover), this experience is definitely unforgettable.
Although I look and behave crazily at times, I am serious when it comes to work (traits of a Capricorn!) and this is because I take pride in what I do! Dolphins always had a special place in my heart, thus I didn’t want this article to be a normal review.
I guess this was one of the reasons why I love them so much, because they are loyal (Yes, I’m a hopeless romantic at heart).

The one I took part in, together with Karen aka Renzze, was the most popular programme: Dolphin Discovery. Any loose items (earrings, bangles, rings) will be asked to be kept in a locker outside the Dolphin Island, including mobile phones and cameras are not allowed too (regardless of the program you signed up for). We are advised to put our hands by our side, behind us or in front of us (like the above image) so that Wawa will not be confused with the instructions. They do have ear on each side of their head, but they are so small that it looked like slits. However, I felt that I could stay in Dolphin Island the WHOLE DAY, the half an hour interaction was like a movie cut short for me. There are two boarding locations for the bus (outside of Vivo City, and Merill Lynch Building).
The Sentosa Express Tickets can be bought at the Sentosa counters located right outside the Sentosa Express gantries or just tap your EZ-link card to get in. Yes, he basically come to us and let us touch him, open his mouth to show us the number of teeth he has, and let us gave him a rub down, feeling how smooth and leathery his skin is. If you don’t get it, imagine a very excited me doing little jiggles and waving to the dolphins while the trainer tries to get Wawa to do something.

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