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Sound is defined as any pressure variation in air, water or other medium that your ear can detect. As the noise level increases, the amount of time you can be exposed to it before causing damage to your hearing decreases. The European Agency for Safety and Health at Work predicts one in five EU workers have to raise their voices to be heard at work. The best way to keep a check on noise at work is to carry out regular noise risk assessments. If you find that people are exposed to dangerous noise levels, you must take steps to control the risks. If you’ve made every effort to control the noise but the levels are still too high, you can introduce hearing protection for your workforce. It’s estimated that up to 76% of the UK population is effected by noise pollution or noise nuisance. This can be caused by excessive noise from construction sites, airports, wind farms of industrial areas. If you’re affected by a noise nuisance issue, it’s always recommended that your approach your local council of Housing Association first. The new optimus green sound level meters are the ultimate tools for noise measurement applications. The CK:680 outdoor noise kit is suitable for use with the optimus green sound level meters and provides you with a complete outdoor noise measurement solution for environmental and community noise monitoring.

Environmental XPRT is a global environmental industry marketplace and information resource. A day when people, organisations and governments around the world raise awareness of unwanted noise that can affect your health.
Regulations such as the 2005 Control of Noise at Work Regulations do provide suggested safe levels for the amount of sound pressure you can exposed to over a period of time. In the long-term, exposure to too much noise can cause noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus, as well as stress.
This is one of the key warning signs that you have a noise at work problem that needs investigating. You or your employees could be subjected to high noise levels that will damage your hearing over a period of time.
You’ll need to identify individuals who might be affected by noise and measure their exposure using either a sound level meter or a noise dosimeter.
This might involve changing shift patterns to reduce the time people or exposed to high levels of noise, investing in quieter machinery or sound barriers. If you use a sound level meter with octave band analysis, you’ll be able to receive recommendations for protection using noise analysis software. Noise nuisance can also be a lot closer to home in the form of noisy neighbours, barking dogs and even karaoke nights.
They’ll be able to use equipment like a noise nuisance recorder to accurately measure, record and analyse reported cases of noise nuisance.

There isn’t much airports can do to control the noise but manufacturers are trying to make air travel quieter and quieter.
Designed for environmental, occupational and industrial hygiene noise, Optimus Green is the third range in the Optimus family providing a variety of sound level meters specifically designed to offer a range of applications. With just three button pushes you can start a measurement and get all of the information you need to assess and deal with your noise issues.
The Trojan is a new Noise Nuisance Recorder that has been specifically designed for EHO’s and Housing Associations. This makes it a very subjective matter that affects individuals, communities and businesses around the world differently.
If this is the case, the business could be open to prosecution or compensation claims by the individuals affected.
For this reasons, you’ll usually see worker wearing hearing protection and communicating with hand signals.
You investment is protected as we've designed all of the optimus instruments to be upgradable with new and additional measurement functions. We’ve included all of the functions and features that are essential and removed anything that makes life complicated.

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