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For more information on this site, please read our Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service, and Ad Choices. Imagine waking up one morning only to realize that your hearing has suddenly and drastically changed for the worse for no apparent reason. In the event the ear is checked and either ear wax or an ear infection is determined to be the culprit, the treatment is fairly straightforward and involves either removing the cerumen or treating the infected portion of the outer or middle part of the ear. By having someone else voice their view on what you may be missing, we can help pinpoint where we can help the most. Due to each patient’s individual needs, we need to take time to truly understand their situation before making any recommendations.
Her body landed in Lake Marion and search teams found it yesterday.Shock and awe are still settling in for many when it comes to hearing about what happened to their friend. Although this is a rare occurrence, it is a scary possibility that affects approximately 1 in every 5,000 people each year. There are many speculations as to why this happens, which range from something as simple as having fully impacted earwax or an ear infection to more complex scenarios including viruses, trauma, or autoimmune disorders. Surprisingly, the specific cause of other types of sudden hearing loss in a given person is able to be reliably diagnosed only 10%–15% of the time.
A sudden change in hearing should be considered significant cause for concern and be addressed as soon as possible. Miller received a bachelor’s degree in communication sciences and disorders from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and a doctor of audiology from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA.

Angel Briggs knew Hickson since she was young and went to school with her at South Florence High.
In most instances, sudden sensorineural  hearing loss will affect only one ear and becomes more likely to occur the older we get. In order to determine the severity of loss and, when a baseline audiogram is available, the exact amount of change, a full diagnostic hearing test should be performed along with a full medical evaluation and discussion of treatment options with an otolaryngologist (also known as ENT) within the first few days following onset. Although there are many reports of spontaneous recovery from some types of sudden hearing loss, full evaluation is strongly recommended in all situations nonetheless. Your AudigyCertified™ audiologist will be able to help you determine the total effect on hearing acuity and will then guide you on to the next steps of the treatment process via referrals and recommendations based on your specific needs. She has been published in an international journal, has presented research to other professionals in the field, and has studied the hearing acuity of music majors as a research assistant. In addition to sudden onset of hearing loss, most patients will also experience significant tinnitus (or ringing in the ears), and occasionally dizziness or vertigo, which makes the whole situation far more disorienting and even frightening. When diagnosed and treated properly and efficiently, some degree of recovery, if not a full return to baseline, is observed in approximately half of the cases. Remember: Time is of the essence when it comes to protecting your most valuable tools for communication.
The most common form of treatment includes an oral steroid regimen that is typically prescribed by a specialist. I think it was the sound of the basketball hitting the floor, the volleyball crossing the net, it was just she lived for those moments.

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