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If you’ve noticed that you or your loved ones are consistently asking for others to repeat what they have said, or the volume is turned up on the television or radio to a point where it is uncomfortably loud for others in the room, you or your loved one may be experiencing sudden hearing loss.
While it is possible to have hearing loss in one ear due to a buildup of wax, sudden hearing loss will often come with other symptoms. Some patients describe a funny feeling in the whole side of their head, rather than just the ear. In cases where the root cause can’t be found, sudden hearing loss may be treated with steroids or an injected medication if there are no other conditions which would be negatively impacted by the treatment. At HearAgain, we are focused on early detection and treatment as a way to prevent permanent damage.
Hearing loss is a very serious issue that often occurs after the ear has been subject to loud noises or damaged over a period of time. This type of hearing loss is often referred to as Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL).
Hearing loss often occurs over time, with patients scarcely realizing that their senses have diminished.
There might be an autoimmune disease causing the condition or it may be a blockage in the cochlear artery.

We recommend visiting your physician if you are experiencing the symptoms of sudden hearing loss. One of the worst parts of hearing loss is the sudden impact it can have once it starts to develop. It is a very serious issue because if not taken care of, it could result in permanent hearing loss. Often times many people believe their ear is just clogged with wax but it can be so much more.
This is because if the issue is in one ear, rather than both, they assume it’s a temporary condition. However, if you or a loved one is experiencing a gradual decline in hearing ability, it may be time to schedule a free hearing screening and explore the best course of action to hear again. Often times people believe that they will get over their hearing loss after a short bit of time. The sudden hearing loss will usually only occur in one ear but needs to be checked out regardless. Many patients believe it may only be clogged with wax and they might treat it as a simple nuisance instead of seeking treatment right away.

A thorough exam can determine when these issues are present, and your physician can treat that problem to remedy the hearing loss. Being aware of the small signs of sudden hearing loss is necessary in preventing it from becoming much worse.
Unlike blurry vision or loss of peripheral vision (things that are well-known to be symptoms of larger health issues, such as diabetes or stroke), sudden hearing loss is not always believed to be a serious condition. There is still a chance that if brought into a doctor within the first day or two of discovering your hearing loss that it can still be saved.
Many doctors believe it can be attributed to insuf?cient blood circulation in the inner ear. It usually occurs in those between 40-60 years old but it is starting to grow in those in their 30s.

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