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We are a small South Australian privately owned and operated Audiology practice located on Hutt Street in the South eastern corner of the city.
We are not a vertically integrated practice (ie: we are not affiliated with a hearing aid provider).
It is recommended you make urgent contact with your medical practitioner or the emergency department of your local hospital. Background: The mucopolysaccharidoses (MPS) is an autosomal recessive disorder, caused due to malfunctioning of certain lysosomal enzymes involved in degradation of glycosaminoglycans. Since we are independent we are able to source the latest cutting edge technologies as they become available from almost ANY manufacturer.
This report presents audiological evaluation findings found in two siblings with Morquio syndrome (MPS type IV). The MPS is an autosomal recessive disorder, caused due to malfunctioning of certain lysosomal enzymes involved in degradation of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). Individuals with MPS have deficiency of GAGs, which are required to breakdown sugar chains into proteins and simpler molecules. Results: Case 'A' and 'B' were assessed for three consecutive audiological evaluations over time in a span of 2 years. Over time, these GAGs collect in the cells, blood, and connective tissues thus resulting in a permanent, progressive cellular damage. Individuals with MPS appear normal at birth, but subsequently might end up with severe morbidity and die after months or years. However, for case B, results reveal that there was increase in degree of hearing loss in both ears. Further, immittance results in both case A and B revealed middle ear pathology in both ears in all the three evaluations.

Hence, it can be concluded that there was no progression in severity of hearing loss in case A; however, same was observed in case 'B'.
All subtypes of MPS occur as progressive autosomal recessive trait except Hunter syndrome which is X-linked.
In addition to that, at present both case A and B are using moderate gain digital behind the ear hearing aid in both the ears which is enabling them to communicate better.
Conclusion: To conclude on these case reports of the siblings, otologist and audiologist need to be aware of this relevant information and take immediate steps to provide services to patients. The main characteristics which distinguishes Morquio syndrome (MPS IV) from all other subtypes of MPS is normal intelligence.There are very limited literatures which focus on audiological findings observed in individuals with Morquio's syndrome. A case study done by Satloff and other colleagues revealed that Morquio's syndrome is associated with chronic middle ear disease and with mixed or sensorineural hearing loss. However, there is no reported literature mentioning about specific hearing deficit in this particular type of MPS, that the present study has noted. Since it is a rare pathology, with multisystem damages, it may have eluded the researchers or clinicians from identifying it with progressive conductive or mixed hearing loss.
Case reports are positive steps in this direction and hence this study aims at reporting the audiological outcomes in two siblings with Morquio syndrome.
Both the cases are siblings (brother and sister), and were diagnosed as having MPS type IV by the professional Geneticist.First of all, otoscopic examination was performed for case A and B by otolaryngologist. During otoscopic examination of case A, they observed removal of grommet in situ in right ear and presence of fluid in left ear. While case B showed normal tympanic membrane in right ear and grade I retraction of tympanic membrane in left ear. SRT testing was done using spondee word lists and SIS was estimated using phonemically balanced monosyllable word lists.Immittance evaluationTympanometry and acoustics reflex thresholds were obtained using a calibrated GSI-Tympstar diagnostic immittance Middle Ear Analyzer.

As reported, there was a sudden onset (progressive in nature) of the problem at 16 years of age. However, immittance evaluation results showed "B" type tympanogram in right ear and "C" type tympanogram in left ear with absent acoustic reflexes (ipsilateral as well as contralateral) in both the ears.After 1 year 3 months, third evaluation was carried out, the findings revealed similar degree and type of hearing loss with bilateral "B" type tympanogram with absent acoustic reflexes.
Finally, it is important to remember the genetic nature of disease and possibility of prenatal diagnosis in subsequent pregnancies. Since study has reported the condition to occur among siblings, this insists the importance of prenatal genetic counseling for all pregnant mothers.The present report outlines persistent conductive or mixed hearing loss found in two siblings with Morquio syndrome which is reported as a progressive condition with multiple organ and tissue involvement. The conductive component may be attributable to serous otitis media secondary to dysfunction of the auditory tube and chronic thickening of the mucosa of middle ear.
The cause of sensorineural involvement is unknown, but has been attributed to abnormal metabolism within neural element.
In a similar line, study showed conductive hearing loss in three patients under the age of 8 years, but 14 out of 15 older patients had either mixed or sensorineural hearing loss. Many case reports do not mention that hearing loss could be because of either not marked early or minimal deficit is noticed.
Documentation is required as it is a late onset condition.Although most cases of Morquio syndrome are detected early by other medical specialist, an increased awareness of the condition may lead to involvement of audiologist in the diagnosis as early as possible and providing immediate management. Regular follow-up of the clients is an important aspect, as it is highlighted in present study. We would also like to thank both clients for their participation and kind cooperation throughout the course of the study.

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