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Our Outer (Pinna) and Middle Ear and Skull collect sound waves and conduct them to our organ of hearing, the cochlea. Within the cochlea, the mechanical energy is transformed into chemo-electrical signals that are transmitted via the Vestibular Nerve to the brain. If the ear drum is damaged, or the connection (joint) between these three bone become separated, or should any or all of these bones become damaged or diseased, a Conductive Hearing Loss occurs.

If a conductive loss is diagnosed, and the drum and bones of the middle ear be damaged, the ENT Surgeon may suggest a surgical procedure, termed a a€?Tympanoplastya€?. Due to technology advances in music players and cell phones, many people are delivering constant and loud energy levels to their cochleae.
Learn more about Otovent's natural treatment for Otitis Media, Eustachian Tube Dysfunction and Glue Ear here. The ear drum absorbs this energy and transfers it into the MIDDLE EAR via a chain of tiny bones called the Ossicular Chain. If a person experiences a sudden onset hearing loss, a hearing professional should be seen, an Audiologist or an Ear, Nose, Throat Surgeon.
It is felt that over time, these loud sound levels can damage the sensory neural component of hearing.

There are three bones making up this chain: The Malleus (Hammer), the Incus (Anvil) and the Stapes (Stirrup). Should you have any questions about any of the Invotec products shown in this website or a medical condition they address, always consult a physician or your healthcare provider. If you wish to see these implants, please see our online catalog for Total or Partial Ossicular Replacement Prostheses.

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