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An INFLAMMATION or INFECTION of the vestibular system, the body’s balance mechanism within the inner EAR. Bacterial labyrinthitis has potentially serious complications, including destruction of the labyrinth and COCHLEA, which results in permanent and profound HEARING LOSS.
High intensity interval training (HIIT) has been growing in popularity in the past few years. Many people also experience transitory or temporary hearing problems and TINNITUS (a ringing or roaring sound).
Untreated bacterial labyrinthitis also can extend into other infections such as mastoiditis and meningitis.

Bacterial labyrinthitis typically develops as a consequence of chronic OTITIS media (middle ear infection).
Because distinguishing the cause of labyrinthitis is sometimes difficult and the consequences of untreated bacterial labyrinthitis can be severe, doctors typically prescribe antibiotics when the diagnosis is unclear, even though antibiotics will not treat viral labyrinthitis.
Doctors believe viral labyrinthitis develops when the bloodstream carries a VIRUS into the inner ear. Sometimes medications to suppress vertigo and resulting NAUSEA are also necessary, at least until the inflammation or infection is under control. Inflammatory labyrinthitis may be an autoimmune condition; doctors are not certain of its etiology (origin and development).

It is sometimes difficult to diagnose and distinguish the kind of labyrinthitis because access to the inner ear is so limited. Often in bacterial labyrinthitis there are signs of infection around the TYMPANIC MEMBRANE (eardrum), or might be signs of infection elsewhere including the mastoid (MASTOIDITIS) and less commonly, MENINGITIS.

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