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Materia Medica Explorer now incorporates the ability to set synonym levels specifically for each keyword, regardless of general synonyms settings.
The first syntax only activates specified levels, the second and third option activate all levels UP TO the specified level.
Comment: The search query above uses no general synonym levels, but specifies the levels for each word separately. Only "ear" and "ears" will be found for [1]EAR definition, so no parts of ear will be found such as "concha", "auricle", "antitragus" etc.
However, for 4*Sound definition, all kinds of sounds and related words will be triggered - cracking, chirping, swishing, whistling, ticking, humming, roaring, bubbling etc. By Heather Brown Just when you think you have your body all figured out, it does some things that throw you for a loop. That ringing sound you hear even when there is no actual ringing is the effect of tinnitus.

There are many ways you can develop tinnitus and some of the culprits are age-related hearing loss, objects in the ear, foreign objects in the ear, and circulation problems. Hiccups can be a minor annoyance or a major problem especially if you get them at inopportune times and cannot get rid of them. The real kicker here is that scientists do not yet know why hiccups really occur although most of them agree that the condition may be brought about by minor stomach problems while others say hiccups are psychological. The twitching of eyelids is pretty common and not really fatal but it can be alarming and very annoying.
If you use more than one digit in the second or third option (such as 234:keyword) it will only work on specified level as in the first option.
If ever you have found yourself wondering what hiccups are and why you seem to have a ringing in your ears that never goes away, below are some conditions and explanations that will astound you.
This is a medical condition that is characterized by a ringing or a swishing sound that originates from the ear area.

Tinnitus can be subjective meaning it is just the patient that hears the ringing while objective tinnitus means even the doctor can hear the ringing.
Hiccups, also known as singultus, happen when the diaphragm contracts involuntarily at the same as a contraction in the voice box and a closure of the glottis; this blocks the intake of air. That might explain why some people get the hiccups before taking the stage or performing some other important task that makes them nervous.
The human body, for the most part, is the most efficient machine you can find but it does have some quirks that it developed along the way.

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