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6. Have you noticed that everyday sounds, like the twittering of birds, footsteps or the clock ticking, are gone? Age-related hearing loss As we get older we may lose the ability to hear softer, high-pitched sounds. Age-related hearing loss is caused by daily life-long wear and tear of the hearing system, and the most common symptoms are trouble hearing soft voices, as well as trouble hearing speech when background noise is present.
Hearing loss can be caused by problems in the outer and middle ear or by damaged cells or fibres in the inner ear. Outer and middle ear hearing loss (Conductive)Conductive hearing loss is caused by problems in the outer and middle ear, which can prevent sounds getting through to the inner ear. This type of hearing loss happens when the delicate nerve fibres in the inner ear get damaged. Untreated hearing loss can cause you to withdraw from socialising because conversations take so much more mental energy. It is important to seek help if you experience signs of hearing loss in yourself or a loved one.
Get a hearing test, receive help and advice, and buy accessories, spare parts, and cleaning tools from authorised Oticon hearing care professionals. As well as older volunteers from Northern Ireland, Rights 4 Seniors is welcoming guest bloggers from the private and charity sectors.
Today's is from Hearing Direct, a supplier of hard-of-hearing aids and information, based in Hampshire, England.

Therefore, it is important to recognise the symptoms of age-related hearing loss and the adverse affect loss of hearing can have on our well-being. Unlike other common types of hearing loss (mainly noise-induced), age-related hearing loss often occurs in both ears. Age-related hearing loss is an irreversible natural process which can start from about the age of 40.
If you or someone you know is experiencing hearing loss it is important to consult with a health professional.
Hearing Direct who sell a range of products to help the hard-of-hearing, from hearing aids to assistive mobile phones. In the background there are dishes clattering, chairs scraping, people talking and laughing, and waiters rushing about. You nod, look interested and laugh with the crowd even though you didn’t get the jokes.
For example, high-pitched consonants like f, s and t are easily drowned out by louder, low-pitched vowels like a, o and u. This results in a person with hearing loss complaining that they can hear others are talking, but not what they are saying. Although it can strike people at any age, the condition most often appears after the age of 65. Birdsong is fairly easy to live without, but getting by when you lose some of the building blocks of speech is a far more challenging business. It threatens the hearing of military personnel, police officers, construction workers, factory workers, farmers, dentists and kindergarten teachers – to name but a few.

The most common cause can be a build-up of wax in the ear canal, perforated eardrums, fluid in the middle ear, or damaged or defective middle ear bones (ossicles). The Cochlea within the human ear (see diagram, right) contains about 15,000 tiny hairs which pick up waves of sound. The condition develops over many years and, as the process is gradual, it can be difficult to notice.
Your GP or local hearing centre will be able to provide an accurate diagnosis and recommend suitable solutions. It can be caused by excessive exposure to noise, but the most common causes of sensorineural hearing loss are the natural processes of ageing. When you leave the restaurant you have a throbbing headache, disappointment and no plans to repeat the experience anytime soon. For some the sensory cells wear out already at the age of 50 whereas others have only negligible hearing loss even at the age of 80. When the body ages, the tiny hairs become less responsive or totally non-responsive and our ability to hear, particularly higher frequency sounds, is significantly diminished. That’s why it’s important to always wear ear protectors if you are exposed to excessive noise.

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